Adjusting to the Tides

We have two inner planets that are having us take a second look and review our lives, combined with a full moon in Cancer that will magnify home and family.  Venus will reveal where we are reevaluating our values and money, and Mercury will muddy the waters of travel and communication.  Combine all of this with an intense full moon that is focused on family and our personal contacts…things may get emotionally intense.

We look to January 14th.   Here we have the first of three Mercury Retrogrades of the year.  Mercury will be starting its backward dance in airy Aquarius and ending on February 3rd in earthy Capricorn.  Mercury rules communication, travel and technology.  This time will ask you to rethink, reshape and transform the way you communicate.  Taking your thoughts and making them more concrete.  Use caution in the way you work and interact with the people around you.  To learn more, read my Mercury Survival Guide.


A few days later, on January 17th, we have a super charged full moon at 27* in the watery sign of Cancer.  Cancer is ruled by the moon, so expect our lives at this time to be magnified. For those in tune to energy around them, it will be felt in the days before and after the actual date.  Full moons bring closures and endings.  They reveal things that were hidden.  This day may feel energized with raw, emotional energy.  Everyone will feel this energy, especially among family members.  You may feel drenched by the emotional energy of family and those you know best, mainly because of how close you are to them.  Use caution and refrain from projecting onto others.  Everyone will be feeling this intense, emotional energy in their own way.  This full moon offers opportunities to help you sort through and release your emotional baggage and bring a serious deep cleanse to your psyche.  Use self-care to help navigate through this watery transit.


The next day, on January 18th, Uranus, the planet of shock and surprise, finally stations direct.  This has been a long 5-month transit for “The Great Awakener.”  Now that Uranus is moving ahead, you can expect a shift in perspective.  Uranus moving forward means it’s time to “shake things up” again.  Work to embrace whatever “rapidly changes” around this time.  Allow for new opportunities, sudden insights or meaningful connections with others.


January 23rd…. Welcome to Aquarius Season!  Happy Birthday all Aquarius.  Time to let your freak flag fly!  Find where you have Aquarius in your chart, and this is where you will express your exotic, uninhibited side!  Check out Aquarius in the Zodiac here.


We are also continuing to feel the Venus retrograde vibe all month.  This transit began on December 19th and will last through January 29th.  This is a lengthy time period that will bring a review to your relationships, finances, artistic endeavors and design projects.  It will have you taking a second look at your appearance and how all of this affects your self-esteem. Venus rules money, finances, who and what we love and value.  Now that she is finally moving forward, we will gain more clarity about what was released and what made the cut.  For more insights, read about 40 Days and 40 Nights here!


Be sure to center and ground during this emotionally charged time…take a long bath, practice yoga or meditate.  Remember that everyone is going through something.

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