Aquarius in the Zodiac

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac and ruled by Air.  People often mistake the image of the water bearer as being a water sign, but the flowing of water represents the flowing of energy, and their paradoxes and polarity.  The jugs contain life-giving water, which symbolizes mankind’s collective knowledge, which is poured into the cosmic ether for the benefit of all.  It is also associated with healing and cleansing.

The sign of Aquarius represents our relationship with others….it is the most humanitarian sign of the zodiac. Aquarius people often hate conformity and prefer to “be an individual.”  They are unique, free spirited and eccentric. They are often identified by their offbeat fashion style, unusual hobbies and free-spirited attitude.  Aquarius prefer to work for the good of the whole community not just an individual.  Aquarius can do this by either working in organizations to bring about innovation, change and reform or they work with others on the outside by joining in with like-minded individuals. If it is unfair, cruel or hurtful to people, animals or the environment… Aquarius are the first ones that stand up and says STOP! LOOK! WHAT IS GOING ON?  Aquarius people often make people want to sit up and listen to what you have to say.  Aquarius wants to transform and reform any structure that does not uphold humanity.  Aquarius will forsake their own gains in order to make things right for the whole group.  Even to their own personal detriment they will defend the rights of others.  They will uncover to reveal anything that threatens the equality of the group.  They are of one mind…. working together with others like “hive mind” mentality.

We The People

Being an Aquarius, you have vision to see the overall picture… to be a visionary who strives to live in a calm and peaceful world that is a cooperative union of others. Aquarius people are often able to see what’s coming because of their connection to others, and to always having their finger on the pulse of society.

Because they are ruled by air, Aquarius has the ability to see situations from above in a completely detached manner.  I often think of them as a cloud, full of thoughts and ideas, floating and combining with others, changing shape and form according to the weather.  The element of air is powerful, yet invisible.  It represents the linking or grouping of individuals that makes a culture or community.  The common good must accommodate and give space to each individual so as to have a cohesive and diverse whole.  Aquarius is not concerned for the benefit of one but is concerned about the benefit for all. If one is undermining the good of all, Aquarius is the whistle blower.

Electric and Resourceful

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which rules the higher mind.  Uranus is the planet that governs technology, and innovation with shock and surprise. They are the first to throw out the old and bring in the new. They are driven to reform, develop and implement anything that improves the things for the collective whole. They have a talent for correlating information quickly, assessing the situation and then rapidly making decisions to move everything forward. Because of their ruler Uranus, they are driven to create and invent; objects, ideas or theories. Aquarius thinks outside of the box.  They are original and unique, taking information beyond the individual level to include the collective consciousness and gathering it into a package to create something new and different… custom making it for the situation, being unique in every way.

Aquarius is almost driven to be the very opposite of sameness. They can change their moods from one minute to another depending upon what is going on or with what is on their mind. Never underestimate how unemotional this sign can be. They are not the touchy-feely sensitive types.  They often will detach from emotional responses until they have the time and space to process feelings and emotions.

Freedom is of the utmost importance for Aquarians.  While Aquarius will acknowledge the subjective view, they are really only interested in the objective view. They are the ones who can daydream for hours – just sitting, thinking and processing things through. Aquarius needs to think, and they need space to do it in. They are known for their original and off-beat ideas. When someone says… How could we have done that better, or approached it differently, how could we get a better outcome for everybody, are there better methods for inclusion and respect – these are where Aquarius can shine.

Aquarius is independent in their approach to almost everything.  They are adept in social situations, but they need the freedom to express themselves. They do not want restrictions to impede their self-expression, dress, thoughts, or ideas.

When relating to Aquarius, it means giving them the space and freedom to be the social butterfly at the party, or the freedom to go someplace alone…to understand that their need for space has nothing to do with you. They need time and space to refresh, to think, to center and to ground themselves, they do this best alone.

Aquarius thoughts and actions are the opposite of traditional and conservative…. think Capricorn.   They are the rebels who dare to speak out against something, those who dare to bring it into the light, regardless of the consequences, those who will stand up for minorities, the downtrodden, the ignored, the marginalized and those in need. Shocking is a word often employed to describe Aquarius, but they don’t describe themselves that way. They are often shocked themselves that no one else said what everyone was thinking! They gain quite a bit of satisfaction upending the applecart when it results in a good outcome for everyone.

Fixed Final Air

Aquarius is the fourth fixed sign and the opposite of Leo. Examine the placement of Aquarius, Uranus and any Aspects to it to gain more information about the Aquarius energy in the chart. Notice the planets or aspects within the house.  This is where you can expect your Aquarius traits to be found.  Aquarius energy is amazing for so many things…find where yours is and work with it!

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