Astrology Consultation

Natal Chart Analysis
$150 – 1 hour session

A great first time session to understand how your astrological chart is a living reflection of your personal
journey and a tool for radical self-acceptance. Book this session if you would like to see what possibilities
for growth and development your natal chart can offer with the right tools, strategies and insights.
This session is also beneficial for returning clients seeking guidance on a specific area of life or a particular
chart configuration that you would like to explore further with my facilitation.

Forecast Session
$175 – 1 hour 30 minutes

A must-have reading at least once a year on your birthday or best, once every 6 months. This reading
synthesises , Solar Returns, Profections, Transits & Progressions in my own style for grounded and practical
This session will highlight your activated planetary timelords that are managing your year and how to
recognize and work with them proactively. We will also look at other significant cyclic shifts that are
presently unfolding and guiding your personal development and prioritize.

Express Reading
$100 – 30 minute session

Available for return clients only. Book an express reading if you need to follow up from a previous session
due to emerging developments or new questions from the last reading. Please be sure to provide the
background context behind your questions in the intake form so that your charts can be analyzed ahead of
time. More specific questions / enquiries will result in a clearer reading.

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