Beginners Astrology


~Willow Grace Mystik

Change your life in just four weeks by learning to read the stars as our ancestors did. Are you ready to take your destiny into your own hands?

Embrace the Stars and Create a Life in Harmony with the Universe

Your Journey Begins Here

By learning to read your birth chart, you can begin to understand your mind, body, spirit and emotions in one core language – the language of astrology. You can learn about your patterns and tendencies in love, with money or family.

You can use astrology to determine your purpose and direction. If you want to unlock the secret language of the sky, join my online beginner Astrology Class. Join our tribe today and embrace the stars for a one time payment of $130.00

Just finished an online tarot class with her. It was amazing! Great for beginners and for those who just want a good refresh! Highly recommended.

– Lorraine Pino –

Fantastic birthchart and energy from this gal. The information I received was well explained and the packet she prepaid for me is beautifully done. Can’t wait to explore more energy and astrology with her! Would definitely recommend.

– Danielle Burk

Willow did my birth chart, very enlightening, provided me guidance and understanding. She took her time to explain everything in simple terms. I highly recommend her.

– Sheila M. –

Unlock the secret of your destiny and help others unlock theirs by learning astrology. Take this journey with us as we sail among the cosmos and weave the threads of fate.


The Signs Unique Personality Traits and Qualities

The Planets, The Drive, Energy and Personality

The Houses…Where is Your Energy Focused

Let’s Pull it All Together

Bonus Content

Real World Applicability

After the first course, you’ll be able to start immediately applying Astrology to your own life. Everything that is taught can be applied to real world situations, and helps to promote cosmic balance in your life.

Private Spiritual Community

All of our courses are taught in a small, yet diverse groups. You’ll be able to learn alongside other like-minded individuals like yourself. As a class you’ll grow together and foster connections.


Discussion Based Curriculum

Other Astrology instructors require students to have their cameras off and only ask questions through the chatbox. We encourage discussion and teamwork to ensure your success in this course.

Meet Willow Grace Mystik

Your Instructor

Willow Grace Mystik is a certified Reiki Master teacher, seasoned Tarot and Astrology consultant, and spiritual guide, offering her wisdom to those ready to embrace and enrich their own spiritual gifts. She offers spiritual immersion and self-development workshops nationally in places like Lily Dale Assembly NY, and globally.

Her life’s work and deepest passion is empowering others with knowledge and skills to step into their own magical wisdom and become an active co-creator by using the divine energies to support spiritual growth.

If you’re ready to transform your life, and the lives of your loved ones then join us as we take this journey and grow together. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to divine fates from the stars and weave the threads of fate.