We start the month off feeling this and not knowing what “it” will be.  Something is different, off. Eclipse season brings its electric energy beginning in mid-March about 6 weeks before the first eclipse in the series.  This is when we start to feel the rumblings.  You will start to feel the winds blowing of eclipse changes to come. As we approach spring…April and May will have the strongest energy of “eclipse season.” This will be when we will experience dramatic endings along with exciting new beginnings, intense experiences, non-negotiable changes in trajectory to correct us along our path.  Eclipses help by clearing out old karma, and the resetting of new and more positive karmic patterns. All of these will begin to feel more active in the latter half of March.

We begin on March 2nd with a mystical New Moon at 12° Pisces.  This is probably my favorite aspect of the month!  New moons bring the opportunity to plant seeds, new opportunities and fresh growth to move forward with.  The energy of this New Moon is exciting, creative, and adventurous, signaling the perfect time to lock in your plans for the Astrological New Year and beyond! Listen to your intuition around the opportunities that are arising now and look to explore the various ways they might fit into your greater goals beyond the year to come. If any big changes have been pending, this is the perfect time to imagine precisely what these changes in yourself would look like. To dream it is to believe it.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac.  It is dreamy and intuitive.  At this time, we will all experience a feeling of confidence.  Your dreams and thoughts will be very active under this inspiring influence. Your intuition will be spot on. Pisces can pick up the energy of others and reflect it back like a mirror.  Because of this, we may all need a little solitude during this transit.  Use this time for reflection and as an opportunity to gain clarity about the source of your inspirations and dreams.  What do you dream? What is it that you want to create?  Work to gain clarity on how to find a way to manifest and channel this energy.

On March 3rd we have the two star crossed lovers Mars and Venus in conjunction to Pluto, the planet of deep transformation.   Mars is the planet of drive, ambition and energy. Venus rules love, beauty, value and romance.  Together they are meeting up in the sky combining their energy to heat things up cosmically. At this time, you will have the power to ignite your ambition and kindle the flame of passion. This, for many, will likely to be an intense transit.  One that can be used to get your energy flowing and growing…and to “light a fire under it!”

The first half of the month is an amazing time for taking a leap of faith, moving, new business opportunities, expanding your business or family, and big launches!  All the personal planet retrogrades are past, and this date has so much power, it is hard to put it into words! This transit could also bring in amazing love or money experiences. This is a beautiful time for engagements, weddings or other big steps like moving in together, purchasing large ticket items like car or first-time home buyer.

March will have a lot of positive astrological opportunities for manifesting for the future.  We are now moving forward, full steam ahead.

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