We can finally say, “We made it to December!” Oh what a year it has been! December will be the climax where we will feel the “Big Shift!” The first half of this month has a lot of heat energy! We are building momentum for the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21st (this also coincides with the Winter Solstice). I cannot stress enough how important this month is! Years from now, people will refer to 2020 as “the year of the big shift”. We will start off this month with calm and stable energy. Don’t be fooled by this…things will increase ever so slowly and then will pick up speed with rapid fire. I spoke of this when sharing the Full Moon report on November 30th. Between these two weeks, a shift is happening. The turning point will be on December 14th. We will have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. About three days later, on December 17th, Saturn, (the planet of rules, responsibility and large government) will move into Aquarius (the air sign of shock, surprise and community). We will move from Earth energy to Air…thoughts, ideas, communication verbal and nonverbal, computer, text etc. On December 19th, Jupiter (the planet of optimism, good fortune, and expansive energy) will also move into Aquarius. The grand finale will be the Jupiter Saturn conjunction that will happen on December 21st. I would like to say we can predict what will happen, but this is happening at 0*. We know that this shift will bring a move towards freedom and restructuring. Capricorn represents government and Aquarius represents people as a whole group/community. The big corporations/businesses will experience a top down restructuring. We will find new and innovative ways to communicate and stay connected. More on this in the January year ahead report! =) Looking forward to experiencing this and all the new opportunities ahead. This year has prepared us for this big shift for our future! I would like to thank all of you for supporting me through the ups and downs of 2020. Your love is very much appreciated. For more on how this energy will play out in your chart, contact me for a consultation.

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