We start the month off with a Solar Eclipse, New Moon, on December 4, 2021.   This will be the ending of cycle that began around March 2020 and ends in early January 2022.
Just as New Moons are linked to beginnings and Full Moons are tied to culminations and endings…eclipses serve as celestial checkpoints for each of us. An eclipse is like a lunation on steroids that is meant to help illuminate our karmic path.  The energy associated with eclipses can bring drama and exaggeration.

Astrologically speaking, eclipses tend to speed up time and move us towards what we feel as the inevitable path or solution.  Eclipses offer fresh starts by opening up new doors by slamming others shut.  Many will feel this energy as quick and abrupt, as it comes with sudden shifts and endings. Though the energy during this time period can be jarring…eclipses are meant to help realign us by speeding up the inevitable.

This Solar Eclipse is here to broaden your horizons, and to help you break free from limiting beliefs.  Whatever in your life that has become stagnant, will now likely be highlighted.  This in turn, will allow you to add some quick energy to get things moving in a different direction.

Seeking wisdom and freedom will likely be the major themes now. Whether you’re planning trips, new courses of study, or looking to dive into spirituality, you will have the aid of this Eclipse to assist you.
This is the ending of the epic Sagittarius/Gemini eclipse cycle that launched at the time when the world shut down from Covid 19. There are certain events and ideas along this storyline that will come to a conclusion, as we see more clearly the next chapters that we will be working with unfold before us.

Moving past the middle of the month, on December 19th…Venus, the planet of love and money, stations retrograde in the disciplined sign of Capricorn.  She will be here until January 29th.   Since Venus only travels retrograde about every year and a half, the time is less frequent, therefore the energy is felt strongly.

While in retrograde the themes surrounding this time period will include: money, love, beauty, self-esteem and topics returning from the past.  Venus in the earthy sign of Capricorn is sensible and patient.

When Venus is in retrograde, we can expect disturbances, imbalances, or amplifications to the emotional, romantic, or sentimental areas of your life.  These sectors will now move into the forefront of your daily experience. At this time, you will also become more concerned with your financial affairs, and your relationship with the sensory world.

While this comes in the form of a reversal of your normal flow with these matters, it also provides an opportunity to reinforce these important areas of your life at their very foundations. Money, love and self-esteem issues from the past may come out from where they were hidden from sight and swept under the rug.

We could also expect positive results from this transit.   Money that was owed, may now be paid, or there could be something of material desire, that now finds its way to you. There can a surprise income or other positive financial news…this can include business from past clients, partners or other contacts.

Some of you may expect a rekindled romance or the reconnection to an old friend.  There is also the opportunity for some to return to an old way of making money or revisiting previous projects. At the end of this transit, we can expect a rebalancing of what you need, want and desire for your life!

On December 24th, we will experience the third and final Saturn Square Uranus aspect.  Saturn governs rules and authority and Uranus wants innovation and technology.  This transit is all about breaking down the old order and constructing the new for dynamic change.

You are likely to become very sensitive to any of the ways in which your freedom is restricted, and you may be more likely to act out or respond defiantly. At this time, it will be important to keep the long terms consequences of challenging authority in mind and to proceed with caution in a way that assists the longevity of the venture.

This aspect can be great fuel for the deep reflection into one’s own place within the “big picture”… and to give possible insights about how to break out of the current model of experience and into a new one.

And lastly, we have Jupiter, the planet of gifts and expansive energy, entering the watery and intuitive sign of Pisces on December 28, 2021.  Jupiter will be here for all of 2022!!!
This will be a time filled with faith and abundance.  Jupiter loves being in the sign of Pisces, and while here, we will have hope and belief for the future.

Jupiter takes its sweet time to travel through the zodiac.  Jupiter expresses generosity and tolerance and influences one’s spiritual growth by helping to maintain optimism.  Jupiter sees the “Big Picture.” While Jupiter is in Pisces, we are blessed with a soft soul.  To feel connected to other people with compassion and love.  We can experience an innate understanding of people that will allow us to sense their feelings without the need for words.

Now in the dreamy sign of Pisces, Jupiter will expand our awareness of our spirituality and compassion.  We will be open, but also need extra space and time to recoup our energy.
Now that you know about this month’s energy, make the most of every day!!!

Blessings and gratitude sent to you…
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