On November 19th  we have a Full Moon in the earthy sign of Taurus.  This will also be the first in a series of eclipses in Taurus/Scorpio.  This series will run through the end of 2023.  Just as new moons bring new beginnings, full moons are tied to culminations and endings.  Eclipses serve as a celestial checkpoint.  Eclipses bring sudden change with endings and new beginnings.  They realign us on our path with healing energy, karmic release and a reset.  Eclipses seem to accelerate time, they open doors by slamming the others shut, with no going back.  Often the shift can be jarring, but they help us by speeding up the inevitable.

On November 21st the Sun moves into the fiery sign of Sagittarius.  Happy Birthday Sagittarius Suns!  While here our thoughts tend to be expansive.  We move from the deep introspective waters of Scorpio to the abundant, warmth energy of fun, upbeat optimism.

On November 24th Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, joins the Sun and enters the fiery sign of Sagittarius.  While here expect thoughts, ideas, communication and travel to flow with a direction of the future.  We will have an open mindset and want to learn and grow.  Our thinking may be more liberal and we will want more freedom.

From November 26th to the 30th we have an amazing 9 star aspect pile up of beautiful energy! Our passions are elevated to higher dimensions.  From here, you may get a glimpse into a potentially powerful solution for a long standing problem or issue that has been plaguing you.  You can use this energy to work with, to experience a greater capacity to materialize your dreams.  There will be a turn of events that will make it easier to find your purpose/drive and meaning in what you do.  At this time you will also have the Sun and Saturn bringing discipline and self-control…therefore aiding all you do for future success.  This is an unusual combination and such a powerful line up….make plans to use energy  and manifest your dreams!!!

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