FIRE AHEAD!!! Mars Retrograde Horoscope! On September 9th, 2020, Mars goes retrograde at 28° Aries. Mars spends 2 months in retrograde motion and turns direct on November 13th, 2020. Mars retrograde is Mars on steroids and will amplify and bring to culmination whatever Mars stands for. Many people believe Mars retrograde slows us down, but the opposite is true. Mars retrograde is focused, determined, and ready to take action. Especially so when it is in its home sign, in Aries. Mars retrogrades goal is to help you find what really drives you, what makes you say, “I want this so bad, that I’ll do anything to get it”. Take some time to think about what you really want for your future; Mars retrograde is the rarest of retrogrades and is also the longest of all the personal planets. This is why the most significant event in our life usually happens when Mars goes retrograde. For reference you can go back and look at dates for what might have been activated for you for this change to occur. Important dates to remember…Mars enters shadow – July 25th, 2020…think back to this time and look at what was affecting you. This is usually a window of what will be affected now. Mars square Jupiter (1st) – August 4, 2020Mars square Pluto (1st) – August 13th, 2020Mars square Saturn (2st) – August 24th, 2020Mars goes retrograde – September 9th, 2020Mars square Saturn (2nd) – September 29th, 2020Mars square Pluto (2nd) – October 9th, 2020Mars square Jupiter (2nd) – October 19th, 2020Mars goes direct – November 13th, 2020…at this time we will begin to untangle the Mars square Pluto (3rd) – December 23rd, 2020Mars leaves shadow – January 2nd, 2021I will continue to update on this historic event.

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