2020 is proving to be a transformative year, and July will continue to provide more fire energy to create a new normal. During this time, we will have a collective sense to move and there is no going back to the status quo of the past. A new era is being born from the “fires” of change. We have more work to do and as a society, we are realizing it. On June 27th, Mars, the planet of passion, purpose and aggression enters his home sign of Aries. Whenever a planet enters the sign its rules, it becomes very powerful and directed. Aries is the first zodiacal sign and represents initiative, action, childlike innocence and innovation. Mars will remain here until January 6th, 2021. Mars in Aries is fiery energy that will be powerful and spontaneous. While here, this is a good time to go after what you desire most! A word of caution, things may get heated and tempers may ignite! On July 5th, we will have a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn. Full moons are a symbol of culmination, a peak of energy and manifestation that was set in motion from six months ago when the moon was in the dark new moon Capricorn. When eclipsed, this lunation is an opportunity to look back on all of the ways we have been tested and made more resilient by the challenges and hardships (Capricorn lessons) of recent times. This is our third eclipse in 5 weeks and brings with it major shifts in energy. This energy is shining a light on what we need to be aware of to create change. These will be quick changes for alignment and will magnify our focus and heighten awareness. Capricorn is represented by the goat who is brave, resourceful and patient. This full moon may be a final act of release that some of us require to prepare us to walk a new path, like the goat. Eclipses traditionally symbolize a drain on our energy and psychic resources, so take time for self-care and be gentle with yourself at this time. Currently Mercury is Retrograde in the nurturing sign of Cancer. Mercury goes direct July 12th. Until then, we are connecting our head and heart. We are thinking into our feelings. How can we learn more and think more about this? This is a Deep Dive and time to reflect. Mercury in Cancer highlights the raw emotional vulnerability of collective discussions…and Mars in Aries highlights anger and frustration like fire and cannot be contained. Mercury in caring Cancer reminds us to keep our communications centered in compassion, healing and protection and not lose heart.

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