The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and the moon for a few days, are all in the sign of Aries. This will ignite a lot of fire energy to start new things for the future. The Sun represents your
identity that you shine out into the World. Mercury governs our ability to communicate, explain and understand. Venus governs our values and finances. Chiron affects all aspects of
wellness: our physical and mental health, emotions and spirituality. Together, this energy is here to ignite, inspire and heal! Friday, April 9th, 2021 Mercury is conjunct Chiron. Mercury being the planet of technology and travel combines with Chiron, also known as the wounded healer. This combination means that some hurts or wounds from the past may resurface, causing us to have to deal with them and not hide them away. Old hurts resurfacing are an opportunity to understand yourself deeper.
Often we need time after painful events to allow us to see events from a different perspective. This will be an opportunity to reflect back and heal old wounds. Looking back on the past…Our lessons do not define us, they are just part of our personal story. Take this time to heal an old wound and let it become part of your history.
On Sunday, April 11th, 2021 we have a New Moon at 22* Aries. The Moon rules our soul, emotions, intuition and inner core. New Moons are all about fresh starts, initiations, clean
slates and new beginnings. Aries is the 1st zodiac sign and represents the pioneer, our passion, courage and entrepreneurship. It is here that we will bring a new chapter of hope, faith and the willpower to begin new chapters for all of us.
This new moon will join the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Chiron. All the planets involved in this lunation have a “let’s go after it and get it done” energy! Since we have a New Moon with them in Aries, we will want to do Aries things… lead, pioneer, explore, start anew, take a stand and get involved in projects that define who we are at our core. Embrace this fiery passion and make the most of it! This New Moon in Aries is here to remind you that you have always been a warrior of love and the divine wants you to remember this. She is here to bring the courage and fiery determination to begin once more, with fresh energy, to start new plans.
To see where this energy falls in your chart…follow the link below.
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