On February 27th, The moon, which rules our instincts, feelings and intuition will become Full in
the earthy, mutable sign of Virgo. Full moons represent completions, endings and the peak of
clarity. This Full Moon in the sign of Virgo forms an opposition to the Sun in Pisces. Pisces is
also a mutable sign, but it is ruled by water. Together this can be an emotional time of
romance and feelings in your personal relationships with others. These new feelings and
revelations are a time to express ourselves and to let things go….to express them fully.
This Virgo full moon is very practical and wants us to get organized. Full moons illuminate what
is in the shadow…a light in the darkness. This full Virgo moon will shed a light on all of the
details needed to do the earthy things we need to accomplish in our daily life. We will be
creating a workable plan that will make itself known and …reveal itself. Our intentions at this
time are in finding a balance between (Virgo) our daily routines and the need for order, and
(Pisces) our spiritual health and disarray.
Virgo, is the most practical sign, and is ruled by the planet Mercury. We are very familiar with
Mercury and its close ties to technology and communication. Since Mercury is now traveling
direct, all things that were upended with the retrograde are now being sorted out. With this
full moon in Virgo, the things related to communication are needed and will be utilized to help
us analyze the details, so we can get rid of what is no longer useful or impractical. This time will
be detail oriented, concise choice use of our words and thoughts. We will have the tools and
techniques needed to deal with daily life.

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