Gemini in the Zodiac

 Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the twins and learning language.  Gemini is the communicator. They are adaptable and versatile. Gemini demonstrates the gift of conversation, and they always find something to say.

They are always on the go, busy, active and full of movement. This includes their hands, mouth, and feet. They are constantly on the move as if they have an internal motor, and it is always on.  This sign does not sit still for long and they love to interact. They love news, gossip and trivia. They have a huge hunger for information and are generally curious about everything.

They are interested in what you think.  This includes your thoughts, ideas and opinions, and they love and appreciate exchanging ideas with others. Relaxation to a Gemini is daydreaming about an idea or using their hands to create something.  They love to play “the devil’s advocate,” by taking the opposing view, not necessarily because they believe the opposing view. They will do this to stimulate the discussion and to explore all sides of an argument. By taking this position they gain empirical knowledge. Gemini seeks knowledge from experience and the oral traditions of telling and passing on the story. It’s all about the narrative with Gemini.

Communication Transference

 Since Gemini are so adept with communication, they use this fact gathering ability to find something in common with just about anyone. They can create a conversation by using various pieces of interesting information they have accumulated.  Gemini actively look to find common ground with people. They flourish in journalism, radio, media positions and content creation…basically anything that shares content, information and data. Gemini reap the rewards of information gathering using magazines, periodicals, newspapers, catalogues and all types of social media, this is Gemini energy.

Gemini is not the formal academic. Gemini is better known as being colloquial.  It is common sense energy. Gemini skills and abilities that relate to the everyday life, it’s conversational, it’s immediate, it’s now, and it’s modern, it’s empirical. Gemini seeks the common thread in all things and wants to share their insight with others. I like to refer to them as pollinators…bees going from one plant to another flower disseminating and gathering pollen as they go.

Air Energy

Gemini is the first air sign in the zodiac.  It is mutable, meaning they mediate change and change their modes of expression frequently. This makes them effective with all types of communication.  Gemini has the ability to reflect other people’s body language without even realizing it! This gift helps them with creating the flow of information exchange. Gemini is youthful energy, like a Peter Pan quality.  They are youthful and often referred to as being, “young at heart.” Remaining young in mind, body and spirit, is how a Gemini keep their inner child alive.  Regardless of their age,  they are always “on it,” “connected with the pulse of society,” and “well-informed.” They like to be the first in the know for a trending topic. They want to have and use the newest version of a service…to own the most up-to-date device and they just like being first in line for anything!  These people are generally quite clever, thinking fast on their feet, negotiating on the run with several people or obstacles simultaneously.  Think of them as free flowing air, like the wind.  Their main role is to gather information and send it out to the world as quick and efficiently as possible.

Gemini’s love of phones, computers and all communication methods is a key factor to understanding them. Gemini without a phone, email or social media will feel lost! They also love their vehicle. If Gemini is unable to drive, they will be an expert on public transport or they will spend a lot of money uber. They certainly do not sit at home waiting for a call, text or visitor.  Gemini head out into the world for some interaction with others. Although in this modern world, with advances in technology, it is now possible to connect and exchange ideas with others anywhere, near and far, anytime…One only needs WIFI.

Mercury the Ruler

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. The symbol is a circle of spirit and the crescent of the soul.  The mind links the spirit, soul and matter (body) together.  Gemini are always on the go, always busy, always doing something; they chat on the phone, they text, they message, or they write a quick note or they make witty posts on their social networks. They are always quick on their feet and agile in their mind. If you want to spread the word, or share information with others quickly, employ a Gemini.

Look to where Gemini is in your chart. Notice the planets or aspects within the house.  This is where you can expect your Gemini traits to be found.  Gemini energy is amazing for so many things…find where yours is and work with it.


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