Retrograde, eclipses and new routines April we have an overall energy knowing
that change is upon us. We are now in the heart of eclipse season and Mercury,
is slowing down and ready to station retrograde. The momentum that was felt
the end of January through March is now catching up. Eclipses are course
correctors and meant to quickly align us back on track where we have veered
off. This first one will be the start of a new cycle, followed by an ending of the
old cycle with the next one. Expect a big push of Aries energy…the idea of
starting or initiating and diving head first into things, then,as the month unfolds,
the pace lessons greatly. We begin to settle into a more comfortable routine.
On April 3 rd Taurus has us slowing down. Mercury is here expect your mental
energy to slow down over the coming weeks… especially in areas where you are
needing to make decisions and plans…. Taurus is grounded, methodical and
deliberate and is in no hurry. You may need extra time to get your ideas off the
ground, and up and moving.

Focus on mental activities! On April 5th, Mercury is working with the planet of
Saturn, so any long-term plans or goals you have will be easier for you to work
on. Saturn offers you the discipline needed for your mental energy to be
focused on your goals. So, make plans and move forward.
Issues with Balance and harmony and a focus on relationships. April 6 th , we have
a full moon in Libra Full. Libra is the sign of the scales and desires balance and
harmony. this full moon will reveal areas where there may be relationship
issues that are out of balance in your life, you can then choose to commit to
strengthening your bond or walk away. The goal of this lunation, is Your desire
to find peace, harmony and serenity.

Compassion and love. On April 7th, you will have a softness about you with the
planet of love, Venus, in a beautiful aspect to dreamy Neptune. You can be
more understanding, compassionate and feeling of others emotions. This
energy allows you to care and help others and receive joy in the reciprocity of
the energy you receive in return from them.
Time to get excited about the future! April 8 th , the planet of mental energy,
Mercury meets up with Mars. This will be a time where you can get excited about your future ideas and plans! You may be more open to sharing with others your thoughts and then turning them into actions
Shameless flirting and desiring mental connections in love! April 11 th Venus, the
planet of love, enters the chatty and inquisitive sign of Gemini. Expect
shameless flirting and your mental connections in love to take on a stronger role
at this time. This is the perfect opportunity to work on improving all lines of
communication with the people you surround yourself with. Through this open
networking, you can feel more connected with your thoughts and ideas while
enjoying meaningful conversation.

Tension and responsibility. On April 14th, there is tension point between Venus
and Saturn. Saturn being your responsibilities, and Venus representing love and
values, these energies combined may have you feeling that your Responsibilities
in your relationships is constricting and stifling you. Don’t walk away, Stay the
course to get to the bottom of the problem and work to figure out what the
right approach can be to move forward with.

Time to take action w new beginnings! April 20th, We have the first eclipse in a
new cycle in the sign of Aries. Aries being the 1 st sign of the zodiac and looks
forward to spring, new life and new beginnings, the end of winter. This Aries
solar eclipse is full of potent energy. The Aries/Libra access is about the Me vs.
We spectrum. Topics such as independence, codependence, interdependence,
and collaboration will be very hot over the next few months with a pattern
running through the next couple of years! Times of new beginnings are extra
strong now. The feeling of being ready to take action, start anew and begin a
new journey will be amplified. Look for synchronicities of people, places and
things that come into your life. Follow here for link to how the eclipse will affect your sign!

Happy birthday all Tauruses… The energy at this time, is looking for stability and
security will be paramount for you. Give yourself permission to slow down, and
embrace life at a slower pace, this will improve your confidence in all areas of
your life.

Eeek mercury retrograde, on April 21st, we have Mercury retrograde. It will be
here, until May 14th. Time to go back, reflect, reform, and reconnect in some
way. In Taurus, you can become like the bull, stubborn, and inflexible. Work to be more open to change, go back and look at themes that the sun is illuminating
that need realigned, reformed or reorganized.

Time for 2nd chances, on April 23rd, Expect an opportunity for second
chances…fitting for Merc Retrograde. You may strike on a new idea “or an old
one”, to revisit or can give a second look, and to give another chance to.
Passion, drive and focus to create.

On April 29th, there is a harmonious aspect with Mars and Uranus. Mars is passion and drive, and Uranus wants change, so together this means that Change can be easier to focus on, and you can take action to create the changes that you desire and hope for. These actions can get
you closer to your dream future, all the while embracing the way you complete tasks unconventionally.

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