Two Full Super Blue Moons and Mercury stationing retrograde. August energy is
amplified, and jam packed with emotions and feelings. Expect for things to be
revealed and an intentional pause or slowdown in specific areas of your life. The
purpose of this month is to reveal and enlighten you…to have you slow down,
go back over and revise, or rethink some projects or activities, so you can fine
tune and tweak them…to better yourself, so you can move forward again,
better, with that area of your life, with ease and grace.

On August 1st, we have a Super Full Moon in Aquarius! This is the first of
two full moons this month, making the second one a Blue Moon. Aquarius
values being an individual and community so there may be some confusion and
endings with your group activities or with collaborations.
This full moon can bring results with changes that are meant to help you get
closer to where you ultimately want to be. You can feel more in tune with your
eccentric side and strive to be more independent. This is also a super moon.
The spiritual energy is often amplified. This can illuminate and reveal more
drama than normal. Expect awakenings and for things to be revealed and
natural endings.

On August 16th, we have a Leo New Moon. This is a great time to focus on
new creative projects and ventures, getting attention, pursuing activities that
bring you joy, look for love and romance, being generous, and taking up new
hobbies. With Venus retrograde here, approaches may need to be
unconventional and different. Use this time to plant seeds for future growth
around creativity, children, romance, fun and passionate expression.

On August 23rd, the Sun, representing you, your ego and drive…enters the
very practical sign of Virgo. You will want to have strong communication and be
useful. At this time, expect tasks, chores, structure and organization to take
precedence. During this season you can focus on what needs to be done. You
can break down the larger projects into smaller, more manageable pieces. Don’t
be too hard on yourself and others…and make time to take care of your mental,
physical and spiritual health and well-being.

On August 23rd, Mercury, the messenger of the God’s will station
retrograde in Virgo. This can drastically increase your stress level and you will
likely need to work on taking better care of your health and managing your
stress. Don’t’ take on too much and don’t demand perfection from yourself or
others. Stop, pause and breathe. During this cycle, expect changes to your plans,
miscommunication, electronic breakdowns and blocks to move forward. Allow
for “last minute magic” This is a time to keep yourself as lightly scheduled as
possible and expect a focus on the present and the past, as challenges to
planning the future, will likely come up and future plans may be called into
question Enters Virgo

August 28th, Uranus will station retrograde in Taurus. Uranus will continue
to move backward in Taurus for the rest of 2023. This is traditionally a time
when changes slow down and we have an opportunity to look inward. Up to
this point, you have had to pivot and adjust quickly to new changes. Uranus is
electric and fast paced…now slowing down., you can work on adjusting to what
is already happened and put together plans for later in the future. Uranus is
where we see brilliance and now you can find a ways to make use of it, with the
role you play in the world at large.

On Aug 30th, We have a Super Moon and what’s called a Blue Moon in the
watery sign of Pisces. This is the second full moon lunation this month, and will
have you more connected to your intuition and your subconscious. You may feel
more inspired and may need more alone time to recharge. This is also a super
moon, so it can appear much bigger in the sky. The spiritual energy is often
amplified. Spiritually, this may feel like a second opportunity for your emotions
to come full circle.

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