On July 3rd, we have a full moon in Capricorn. This full moon can be a good time
to view the results of any of your actions taken and decisions that you have made
in the past. Capricorn wants to work on projects that need precision and detail.
These things can lead to great opportunities and success, or the full moon can
illuminate what needs to be corrected.

Watch Full Moon Video Here!

On July 10th, Mars, the planet of initiation moves into the detailed sign of Virgo.
Together this is high energy that can be very productive. You can have more
passion, energy and drive to power through work. To make lists and get
organized so you can begin to tackle projects one at a time.

On July 17th, we have a New Moon in Cancer. This new moon is an excellent time
to set intentions around home and family matters. To remodel your home or
possibly move. This is also the perfect time to start a project.

Watch New Moon Video Here!

On July 22nd, Venus, the planet of love stations retrograde in the
passionate sign of Leo. Venus stations retrograde in the same sign every 8 years,
activating a similar area of your chart, and bringing up similar themes to our attention.

The Last time Venus was retrograde in Leo was July-September 2015. Think back to
what was going on in your life back then?

With Venus retrograde for the next 40 days, until Sept 4th, this can make it a little more
difficult to show love and express affection. You may show too much or too
little…lacking a connection to your heart. Venus IS the sign of relationships, and Leo is
a particularly passionate, “coming from the heart” sign. Venus retrograde in Leo is
asking you to tune in and listen to our heart. Do you feel joyful and alive? Are we happy
in our relationships? Leo is where to look to, to experience joy and pleasure.

Watch Venus Retrograde Video Here.

Happy Birthday all Leo’s, We also have the Sun entering Leo on the same day. This will
really illuminate this area of your life with love, creativity and affection…and with Venus
retrograde, there may be some bumps in the road and challenges to work through. The
need to find healthy and positive ways to use your creative energy and show love.

 On July 28th, Mercury the messenger of the God’s, moves into Virgo. Here, Mercury is
very comfortable and you can feel more productive, mentally sharp, and up for the

tasks at hand. Mercury will be spending a lot of time here, so use this time to get organized
and work at a healthy pace for the upcoming weeks.

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