Your Hopes and Dreams for the future and Using Technology & Travel to Transform Your
Ideas and Actions Into Reality!!!

On June 3, we have a beautiful Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun is in Gemini, keeping our
focus on technology and communication. The Moon being full in the optimistic sign of
Sagittarius is allowing us to have insight and offer closure. The ability to use your thoughts
and intuition, so you become more fully aware of what has been lacking or missing in our
lives. This lunation offers closure and balance of energy. To hear about your sign, click here
On June 5 th Venus enters Leo. Leo is very passionate and Venus loves being here. Time to
shine and play! Be child-like! It is time to manifest creatively and focus on what you really

On June 11th, Pluto enters the very serious sign of Capricorn. It comes back into Capricorn
after spending a few months in the innovative sign of Aquarius. Your time will be spent
focused on finishing or finalizing any transformations regarding your personal or work related
goals, ambitions, life direction or responsibilities. This is an opportunity to close out this area
and a chapter of your life. We also have Mercury entering Gemini on the same day. Gemini is the ruler of Mercury, so
this will give you the extra mental energy for new ideas with your short term plans. Mercury
will help you on multi talking in order for you to focus on several projects over the next few
weeks. This is perfect for keeping your mind busy with lots of variety.

On June 17th, Saturn, the Great Benefic, stations retrograde in the very watery sign of Pisces.
Saturn retrogrades tend to be a little more restrictive and limiting than usual and in Pisces,
this may be restricting you spiritually, creatively or intuitively. Use the time to focus inward
on your personal karma and for releasing any old or outdated thoughts or ideas you may

On June 18th, we have a New Moon in Gemini. Gemini is playful, intellectual and curious.
New moons bring fresh starts, and clean slates to begin anew. This new moon will have your
mind spinning with new ideas, new plans and enthusiasm. Including ideas involving starting
new projects that you can complete quickly or things that you can use your mind for!

On June 21st, the Sun Enters Cancer and Summer Solstice Happy birthday to all Cancers out
there! The Sun, that represents our drive and inner purpose, enters the emotional and loving
sign of Cancer. This time is also a celebration in the Northern Hemisphere of the Summer
Solstice.This is a very important turning point because it is an area of culmination. We will either have
the longest day, or the longest night of the year. This is when we each reach a crossroad… do
we continue on the same path, or do we choose to start a new course! The choice is yours…

On June 26th, Mercury, the messenger, enters Cancer. Your mind and emotions will merge. You
can say what you mean…and mean what you say. You can understand others and what they
really mean, all the while speaking from your heart.

On June 30th, Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, begins his backward motion through
the sky. Neptune retrograde is notorious for bringing foggy energy. You may find it hard to
focus at this time AND the information you are receiving may be missing or lacking. Focus on
using your intuition to guide you at this time to navigate these waters.

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