We are still reeling from the energy shifts of March and April only to begin this month with another retrograde (Pluto), Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, and Mercury stationing direct….

On May 1st Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius. Pluto retrograde is different from the others because it’s usually a more positive time and we can adjust to the major transformations that have come to pass in the last few months…which have most likely been quite a big deal with it moving into a new sign.   The energy of Aquarius encourages us to break free from old patterns and traditions, and Pluto’s transformative power can help us to do so in a powerful and lasting way.

On May 5th, we have a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. This eclipse can bring out major emotional energy, and can be a bit unsettling if you try to run from it. Face your fears and get to the core of what is below the surface, to try to understand so you can emerge stronger and more empowered. We know that Scorpio is known for its intensity, passion, and transformative power. Lunar eclipses can bring about significant changes and endings in our lives, particularly in the areas of emotions, relationships, and personal growth. To hear more about your sign… To watch here follow the link!

On May 7th, Venus enters the watery sign of cancer. Venus is the planet that governs love, relationships, beauty, and pleasure, while Cancer is a sensitive and emotional water sign associated with home, family, and nurturing.
When Venus enters Cancer, you can expect a shift in your emotional and romantic energies. Expect the focus to be on your emotional connections, domestic life, and nurturing relationships. You may feel more inclined to prioritize spending time with loved ones, creating a comfortable home environment, and seeking out emotional intimacy with romantic partners.

On May 16th, 2023 Jupiter enters the very grounded sign of Taurus. Jupiter’s move into Taurus is one of the most important transits of the year. Something in your life  is about to change. (Look at the area of your chart ruled by Jupiter).Jupiter is a social planet and describes how our society as a whole operates. When Jupiter was in Aries we experienced the more driven, “my way or the highway” expression of Jupiter. With the new shift, Jupiter is in a Venus-ruled sign of Taurus..so, expect people in society will start to settle down and sink into this earthy energy. We will have more patience with each other’s beliefs and points of view.

Jupiter is also the planet of growth, expansion, and abundance. The sign Jupiter transits tells us where we want to experience growth and abundance. Jupiter in Taurus will shift your growth focus to your material possessions, financial growth, and a desire for comfort and stability in your life. Jupiter in Taurus will encourage you to take the practical steps toward achieving your goals…especially in the areas related to your finances, material stability and personal values.  To here more follow the link!

On May 19th, We have a New Moon in Taurus. The focus is on creating stability and security in your life. Taurus is known for its grounded and practical nature. This energy can help you focus on building a solid foundation for your goals and aspirations. To hear about your sign, follow the link.

On May 20th, Mars enters Leo. This brings a burst of fiery energy and passion to our lives. Mars, the planet of action and energy, is known for its assertiveness and drive. It is time to be bold and confident to pursue your goals.

On May 21st, the Sun enters Gemini! Happy Birthday Gemini’s!!! This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, representing communication, learning and intellect. This is a great time to engage in activities that involve writing, speaking and networking. Explore your many interests and try out new hobbies or projects.

On May 26th, Venus is in a beautiful aspect to Uranus. Expect a blessing! This is a magical opportunity that can happen out-of-the-blue! Home and family can play a big part or be the areas blessed by this happy surprise. Write down any ideas or insights you may have, so you can capture them and convert them from “ideas to realities!”



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