.🍂Welcome November🍂

November starts off with a change in our life’s direction. This shift will serve as a strong reminder for each of us to take care of the things in life where we need to be responsible. For each of us to focus on our personal goals.  Saturn is changing direction.  Now moving forward, it is magnifying the energy focused on areas in life such as our responsibilities and limitations. Look at your goals and future plans to now become clear.

Later in the month, The New Moon in Scorpio, will prompt a new beginning that will push each of us out of our comfort zone. To review past changes and look for new ways to live authentically, heal and transform.  Look to areas of your life where you want to add depth. Expect to have a strong desire to push forward with a clean slate.  This is the first lunation after the eclipses that we can begin to manifest and set intentions for the future.

On November 4th, Saturn is now stationing direct. This means it is moving forward after having each of us review an area of our life where we lacked. We are now focused on bringing meaning and order with healthy boundaries. Hard work, determination and order!
🪐Saturn brings order to our chaotic lives and rewards the hard work we do to maintain it. On a collective level, Saturn represents the government, our bosses, people of authority, our parents, or institutions.
🪐Saturn is associated with karmic debt and growing pains. It is the karmic teacher of the zodiac. It takes about 2 ½ years to move through each zodiac sign. It is slow and steady in order to teach us discipline, patience and how to take the high road. To be the best version of yourself. Pisces rules the 12th house which deals with dreams, your subconscious and the mystical realm. So together we can expect opportunities for progress to be made around boundaries…these can be both on a personal level and for the collective
⚖️On November 8th Venus enters into Libra. As Venus travels through the zodiac signs, the relationships we have with ourselves and others are impacted. Venus represents our love and resources and affects our connection with the material world, pleasures, and aesthetics.

⚖️Venus in Libra seeks to rekindle our commitment to others and brings a renewed sense of romance into our relationships. This transit promises to be a particularly pleasant experience. Venus in Libra gives us a deeper appreciation for beauty, harmony, and equilibrium in our relationships and finances. We value reciprocity and mutual benefit during this transit, which fosters more fair and harmonious negotiations.

⚖️The goal is the pursuit of win-win situations. Equality and kindness are key. At this time we can expect opportunities for active listening. This in turn will bring an opportunity for healing, harmony and open communication. You may find that you are extending the olive branch to others.

On November 10th Mercury will enter into the very expansive sign of Sagittarius and will stay here until December 1, 2023. Mercury will then move into the very grounded sign Capricorn. I’m sharing this now so you can plan ahead because….on December 13th Mercury stations retrograde. We all know what Mercury traversing back through the heavens can mean for our travel and communication. 

🎁Think forward about the holidays. Plan ahead and Shop early. Mercury’s retrograde motion can mean late packages, broken items, and travel confusion.  Try to have everything wrapped up by Black Friday to avoid as much of the confusion as possible and work to flow with any mishaps.

🦂On November 13th we have a New Moon in Scorpio. This new moon can be erratic or rebellious. Scorpio is related to intimacy, control, power, and money. This new moon starts the beginning of a cycle for you, offering an opportunity to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies that include…being resourceful, passionate, focused, deep and perceptive.

🦂Look to where you feel out of control and want control in your life to free yourself of these emotional burdens. Explore what is missing in your life that leads you to engage in self-destructive behaviors.

🦂Take time to release what is weighing you down in a material and spiritual sense. Remember that Scorpio lessons in your life always involve learning to dig deeper into the mysteries that surround you.

🦂Work to take time to understand other people’s motives. This can enrich your feelings of intimacy, forgiveness and meaning. Scorpio teaches us that dedication to one meaningful relationship or undertaking, can be extremely more satisfying that spreading yourself thin. It’s about quality over quantity of your time and energy.

🦂Use this new moon cycle to focus on and developing the depth to your life. Look for ways to release your fear…it will lead to psychological healing.

♐Fueled by wanderlust, now is the time for you to focus on what is next. The Sun will enter Sagittarius on November 22nd  and stay her until December 21st, 2023. During this time, the focus of your life will shift from the need for deep and intimate connection with others… to more of a desire to reach out to the world and connect with something bigger than yourself.

♐Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning it is associated with being adaptable and flexible. It is fire sign that craves freedom. It is fueled by wanderlust, intellectual, and continually searching for adventure and knowledge. With the sun in Sagittarius, this is often a time, we are “all in!”

♐When the Sun moves into the expansive sign of Sagittarius, you should have more energy and self-confidence. It is a big change from the deep and intimate energy of Scorpio. You can be more outgoing, idealistic and fun loving.

♊On November 27th we have a full moon in the intellectual sign of Gemini. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is a mental axis. Gemini represents your “lower mind” and Sagittarius represents your “higher mind”. This full moon encourages us to think logically, and the Sagittarius energy wants each of us to think about the bigger picture. Sagittarius represents the quest for meaning and ideas that expand upon the here and now.

♊Gemini deals with your immediate environment or neighborhood, who you communicate with on a daily basis, while Sagittarius is what is beyond what we see. It is our connection globally and our cross cultural connections.

This Full Moon represents all topics surrounding communication and adventure. For each of us, something has been building, and now, we can discover what this means. They reveal endings, closures and are a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon 6 months ago. They are emotional times–where we feel our feels and are more intuitive. They shed light and unveil hidden truths and feelings.

This full moon amplifies the communication and intellectual aspects of your life, urging you to dive deeper into your thoughts and express yourself more authentically.

During this time, your mind may feel more active and stimulated, pushing you to engage in deep conversations, seek knowledge, and explore new ideas. With Gemini’s tendency for duality and adaptability, you may find yourself weighing multiple perspectives or confronting conflicting beliefs.

At this time you may want to explore open and honest communication, igniting a desire to express your thoughts and emotions…to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection. This full moon provides you an opportunity to gain insights into your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Focus on your patterns of communication and relationships. Look to make connections with others in order to build stronger relationships…take time to journal, meditate, read, or take a class/workshop. Something that stimulates your thoughts and imagination.

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