Restore, Balance and Renewal🍂

🌞 The summer months have not always been easy. We had all the planets in watery Cancer and fiery Leo opposing the difficult energy of Saturn and Pluto. Venus, the goddess of love and harmony), stationed retrograde and then Mercury (representing communication and travel) joined the backward dance in the sky on August 24th. The gift of all this is that in September, Venus and Mercury will both go direct and there are no more Saturn and Pluto oppositions. We can look forward to a beautiful, grand trine of energy working together for the New Moon in Virgo…so things are really looking up!

💞On September 3rd, Venus stations direct in fiery Leo. With Venus retrograde coming to an end, you can start to sort through issues that have come up on the last month and work on finding more inspiration and creativity that has been lacking or missing. Venus wants to bring together and in retrograde, that energy is strained to pull apart. This can include challenges or delays in romantic relationships, causing confusion or introspection. As Venus goes direct, these obstacles begin to fade away, allowing for a smoother flow of love and affection. It becomes easier to express your feelings, resolve conflicts, and deepen emotional bonds. This shift also impacts our personal values and self-worth. Venus moving forward, prompts you to reevaluate your priorities, reassess your material desires, and align them with your authentic selves. It encourages you to seek out beauty, pleasure, and fulfillment in life, while also encouraging you to practice self-love and self-care.

💫On September 4th, Jupiter (the planet of abundance) stations retrograde in earthy Taurus. Jupiter retrograde is traditionally a time when you don’t have as many opportunities but can work through some karma. In Taurus, you may be especially slow and set in your ways, so try to be more flexible. It’s a time to refine and stabilize your plans. Work for sustainability in home and work.

🌙 September 14thNew Moon in Virgo. This New Moon in Virgo is set to bring a wave of practical and transformative energy to our lives. Virgo, an earth sign ruled by Mercury, emphasizes attention to detail, organization, and improvement. This is a time for new projects, jobs, schedules and routines This New Moon invites us to evaluate your routines, habits, and goals, offering an opportunity for refinement and positive changes. You may want to focus on things that you can quickly finish or that have been stalled for a while. Mercury Stations Direct the following day on September 15th:, This shift marks the end of its retrograde phase and signals a time of clearer communication, reduced misunderstandings, and improved decision-making. As Mercury gradually gains forward momentum, the energy surrounding this New Moon will further support your efforts to plan, strategize, and set intentions for the future. this is the time we can start to get back on track with the work you need to finish and get organized again. This may take a little time to adjust to and you can feel more like normal w your work ethic.

⚖️September 23rd – The Sun’s entry into Libra brings us the spring or fall equinox, depend on your location in relation to the equator. The importance of the Sun in Libra is its ability to influence our collective consciousness, encouraging us to seek balance, strengthen relationships, and appreciate beauty and creativity in our lives. ✨When the Sun enters the sign of Libra during the equinox, it brings about a unique set of energies and characteristics. Libra is also associated with aesthetics and artistic pursuits. This often sparks creativity and a desire for beauty in our lives. ✨During this time, you may feel inspired to engage in artistic activities, redecorate spaces, or appreciate art and culture more deeply. This time can be seen as a moment of transition between the vibrancy of summer and the introspection of autumn, making it a fertile period for exploring and expressing your inner artistic inclinations. ⚖️This is a wonderful time for indulging in personal pursuits, decorating, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature. Using the colors found in nature, the sights/sounds and feelings that the shift in this energy brings. Focus on what needs balance your life.

🌕September 29th – Get ready to harness the fiery energy of Aries, On September 29th, 2023 we have a Full Moon at 6° Aries. This Full Moon will highlight the creative potential of the Aries-Libra axis. Aries-Libra is the relationship axis which we could also call the identity axis because nothing shapes us more at a personal level than our close, 1-on-1 relationships. With the Full Moon in Aries, you may desire something new, fresh and exciting. This feeling is magnified with Mars’ conjunction to the South Node in Libra, which indicates a severing of outdated bonds, contracts, partnerships and relationships. The South Node is where we have been comfortable, but we need to move away from for healthy growth. So, any relationships that are no longer harmonious, equitable or fair, whether romantic, business, friendship or client, are reaching a natural or fated end.

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