High Energy Ahead!!!
Today, October 4th, 2020 Pluto travels direct. While in retrograde, it was stirring up, cleansing, removing and showing us what was in our life that had become stagnant so we could begin to transform for the future. I am sure everyone has felt this powerful energy. Whenever a slow-moving planet changes direction, its energy becomes stronger. Pluto is the planet of transformation and regrowth. This Plutonian energy will now be at its peak. We should expect intense thoughts, feelings, and emotions that will help us see clearer what needs transformation in our lives…how our views change, the difference between what we see as right or wrong and events that will trigger our instinct for control. You now have the courage are evolving and making decisions that will change you and your life for 2021 and beyond. Pluto wants us to transform, evolve and grow. October 8th, 2020 will be an intense day of the month. Mars is the warrior and planet of personal action and Pluto represents collective action…they will square each other and this will result as a face off. We will have a problem between what We want and what the Universe wants. There is no correct answer. Should you “push” harder, Mars…or “release and surrender,” Pluto. You can either take action or slow down…the choice is yours. On October 12th Jupiter will sextile Neptune. This is a beautiful aspect. Think of it as a “helping hand.” Jupiter is the planet of gifts and expansive energy and Neptune represents our intuition. This will be a time of “faith and hope.” This will feel like a ray of light that will help us reconnect with inner guidance. Get out of our heads and “tune in” to our intuition for that internal guidance needed to move forward. Follow your inner compass. Mark the dates of October 13th-14th. These are some of the most eventful days of the month. Not only does Mercury turn Retrograde, but the Sun will be opposite of Mars, the warrior. Mercury is the planet of communication of all types. When it goes retrograde, we are forced to reexamine, rewrite, review etc all forms of communication. This can also be seen as miscommunication of text, news and media. The Sun opposite Mars means that this is the exact middle of the Mars cycle. We are half way through this fiery energy of change. We will now have more clarity with what needs action for change in our life….BUT, now is not the time for Quick action! There is confusion with communication. Use caution and direct your energy to move forward in a methodical way.If you want to know how all of this plays out in your chart, contact me for a consultation.
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