Mars Retrograde! Mars is a masculine sign that is fueled by testosterone. It represents our determination, action and desire. It can also be seen as rage and anger. Mars is what we feel, our emotion and integrity in physical form. Where do we get “fired up!” Mars encourages us to take action. When action is not rooted in wisdom, it becomes negative. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is about movement and getting things done and it is currently in its home sign of Mars. With Aries in Mars they energy is seen as…What in you is worth fighting for. Is it in the future, your family, your workplace environment, or a common cause. This is when you need to find it in yourself and become the spiritual warrior. A retrograde brings reflection. This is to ensure the action you are taking is rooted in wisdom. Let me break it down in sections. When a planet is moving forward, it activates other planets and this is where its energy is expressed and events happen so lessons can be learned. When it hits the “shadow” period before retrograde, things happen that expose us to others, different points of view and action. When it travels “retrograde,” the events that took place in the shadow are “reviewed.” When the planet travels in its “post shadow” after retrograde, we take the events that did not go as planned and have now been reviewed and we “untangle” them. When the planet goes “direct,” we now may have a change of heart or new thoughts on what was previously believed. On July 26, Mars will enter its “shadow” period of traveling retrograde. Make a note of what is happening in your life and what will be transformed. A square in astrology represents a point of tension, but a need to move forward. As Mars travels the zodiac it will encounter several squares with other planets. On Aug 4th, Mars will square Jupiter and 9 days later will connect with Pluto. What this means is that we need to be mindful of how we interact with others. Use your energy in a healthy way. Pluto wants to transform (on the down side, this can be reflected as power struggles), and Jupiter wants to expand on this energy and Mars wants to fire up the collective for group transformation….this can be seen where people are using bigger platforms and large groups to be heard. For how this energy is evolving in your chart, you can contact me for a personal consultation. Stay rooted in wisdom.

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