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KNOWLEDGE is EMPOWERMENT! By learning to explore and understand your natal birth chart, you can begin to understand your mind, body, spirit and emotions in one core language – with the language of Astrology you begin Understanding the why’s that define who YOU are!

Dive deep to discover the personality traits of your relationship with yourself and those you love, your home, health, social circles and financial well-being. You can begin to see the possibilities of what lies in front of you by discovering where you were, where you are, and the journey of where you’re going. Astrology can help you navigate the choices that are in front you, and heal the wounds of your past, so you can live your best life.

By understanding the placement of the planets at the moment that you were born, you can use this information to help you determine your purpose and direction. If you want to unlock the language of the Astrology, join my online class “Introduction to Astrology” and explore how empowering knowledge really is. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!

Class cost: $150.

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Course Details

This Couse will be taught in 4 sections. Each section will have a video release on Monday discussing the subject we are covering, and on the following Wednesday we will meet as a group on Zoom to discuss the video’s content and any questions you may have. All sessions will be recorded so you can go back and rewatch.
Class 1: The Signs, Unique Personality Traits and Qualities
January 9th, 2023: Video Release 10:00am est.
January 11th, 2023: T/A Session at 7:00pm est.


Class 2:  The Planets, The Drive, Energy and Personality
January 16th, 2023: Video Release 10:00am est.
January 18th, 2023: T/A Session at 7:00pm est.


Class 3: The Houses, Where is Your Energy Focused
January 23rd, 2023: Video Release 10am est.
January 25th, 2023: T/A Session at 7:00 pm est.


Class 4: Putting it All Together
January 30th, 2023: Video Release 10:00am est.
February 1st, 2023: T/A Session 7:00pm est.



Bonus Content

Real World Applicability

After the first course, you’ll be able to start immediately applying Astrology to your own life. Everything that is taught can be applied to real world situations, and helps to promote cosmic balance in your life.

Private Spiritual Community

All of our courses are taught in a small, yet diverse groups. You’ll be able to learn alongside other like-minded individuals like yourself. As a class you’ll grow together and foster connections.


Discussion Based Curriculum

Other Astrology instructors require students to have their cameras off and only ask questions through the chatbox. We encourage discussion and teamwork to ensure your success in this course.


Just finished an online tarot class with her. It was amazing! Great for beginners and for those who just want a good refresh! Highly recommended.

– Lorraine Pino –

Just finished the astrology class , wow so much information! I’ve also done the tarot for beginners and it was also very informative. If your looking for something to dive into , I would highly recommend either of these classes. Patty is very helpful and very knowledgeable, and has a great way of explaining all the layers! Can’t wait to see what we’ll Get into next!

-Paula Faber-

Willow did my birth chart, very enlightening, provided me guidance and understanding. She took her time to explain everything in simple terms. I highly recommend her.

– Sheila M. –

Meet Patricia

Your Instructor

Patty is a seasoned Astrologer and Tarot consultant, educator and Speaker. She offers her wisdom to those ready to embrace and enrich their own spiritual gifts.

Her life’s work and deepest passion is empowering others with knowledge and skills to step into their own magical wisdom and become an active co-creator by using the divine energies to support spiritual growth.

If I answered the why for you! What are you waiting for? ENROLL TODAY! to begin your journey of Astrology.
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