On January 17th Jupiter squares Uranus. Jupiter expands whatever it aspects. Jupiter represents
everything from adventure to risk. Uranus is felt as upsurging energy, shock and surprise. Both planets
want freedom with no constraint, and look to the future. This energy will feel restless, chaotic and
eruptive. Caution is required with time to pause, breathe and reflect before acting.
On January 19th the Sun, which represents our ego and life force, enters the air sign of Aquarius.
Aquarius is known for being progressive, radical and freedom based. The Sun in Aquarius wants us to
reinvent ourselves. It is about taking bold actions to connect to our dreams. It is here to help you raise
the consciousness of others around you. Aquarius energy is wild, inventive and detached. It is being the
individual, but knowing that being part of the group is necessary.
On January 20th, Mars and Uranus come together. This will be a major “Turning Point!” Everyone will
experience this very strong astrological energy in some way. This is a pivotal day! This day will
represent the break down, to break through, to create new. We may see power battles and experience
intense feelings. Mars is new directions, wanting independence and our passions. This is very fast
energy. To be felt on a lower level is anger, impulsive energy and aggression. Things may be intense
and combustible at this time. Work with cooperation and step out of judgement to be heard. Work to
be open and explore new territory.
On January 26th, the Sun squares Uranus. There may be difficulties to overcome. The Sun will illuminate
and reveal truths that were hidden, shocks and surprises. Expect awakenings and disclosures to come to
life. Knowing this…You need to do things your own way. This is not about following the crowd. You will
want to be independent and stand out.
The final act….On January 28th we will have a full moon in Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign and has a proud
energy about it. This is a very serious full moon that brings about our feelings of leadership. Leo wants
to protect. Full moons represent feelings, emotions and the mysterious. They reveal the hidden and
represent a culmination and closure…. The final act… I view it as, the final paragraph of the first chapter
of this year.

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