Full Moon In Leo… Serious Fire Energy On Thursday, January 28th, we will experience our first full moon of the year in the proud and regal sign of Leo. This full moon will be more serious than in the past. Our attitudes will be warmer and feel more dramatic. We will feel more generous and we may need to keep our egos in check. There will be feelings of leadership and the need to protect others. Full moons represent feelings of emotions and the mysterious. They reveal the hidden and represent closure and a culmination….The Final Act…I am viewing this as the final paragraph of the first chapter of the year. Leo is ruled by the sun and is a fixed fire sign. At this time everyone will know what gifts and strengths they possess. Coming off of 2020, it may be difficult to view anything positive right now, but with this full moon, it will highlight exactly what you’ve learned since the last Leo full moon. This will be a time of sharing in those gifts. Leos give as well as they get. If you show them respect, they are generous, loving and loyal. Under this full moon, it will be a time to look on the positive side of things. Acknowledge what we have to be grateful for.
Mercury Retrograde…
Mercury is the planet associated with technology, communication, thoughts and ideas. It will be retrograde three times in 2021. As it travels forward and backward through the zodiac, it flavors the way we communicate and can show us areas to improve with our communication and technology skills. It will happen first in the eccentric, forward-thinking sign of Aquarius on January 30 to February 19th. Since it will be in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, which is the ruler of the 11th house of groups and networking, we will have an easier time in relating and connecting with others. Aquarius is unconventional and futuristic at best. This will be a time of thinking “we” and not “me.”
Mercury retrograde in this free spirited sign will urge us to revisit, revise, rethink and review anything that falls under this symbolism. This will include things that represents our collective efforts to work together for the greater good of society. Working for advancement on equality, scientific and technological advancements, with friends, groups, teams and work associates. Remember that Aquarius can be a resolute/stubborn sign that may want to dig its heels in, so open mindedness will be suggested at this time to avoid awkward or difficult moments with others. Use caution with miscommunication through technology, text, email etc. Double check technical details, appointments, messages, and strive for more patience and diplomacy. Mercury retrogrades give us an opportunity to review what we were working on to improve it. To make corrections to the plan so that it will last over time. This in turn, with the new adjustments, will improve upon our current course of action so that it is built for the long haul.

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