On February 16th we have a fiery full moon at 27° Leo.  Leo rules the 5th house of fun, pleasure, children, creativity and play.  These will be some of the major themes of this transit.  Full moons illuminate and reveal what was hidden or unseen.  Full moons bring about endings or a culmination of sorts.  Leo is ruled by the Sun that governs our life and vitality.  Leo is passionate, fiercely loyal and confident.  Leo also likes to be the center of attention and is the literal sign of acting.  This combination of the full moon and this fiery energy can bring about BIG DRAMA (that can be for better or worse) …revealing topics involving love, romance, pregnancy, children…and taking center stage will come front and center. With this lunation, our true desires may be revealed, and the subject of loose morals can arise in conversation.  Full moons are a time when you are more likely to be seen.  They reveal what was hidden or in the dark…so, during this transit make sure the attention you seek, or you are being out and seen, is for the reasons you want and in the way that you want. Don’t get caught off guard.

Also at this time, the cosmic lovers Venus and Mars will be perfectly aligned in the sky in Capricorn.  This transit will most likely bring about a potent beginning or culmination in romantic relationships for some people.

On February 17th, Jupiter, the planet of fortune and abundance is forming a beautiful sextile to Uranus, the planet of shock and surprise!  This is an amazing combination! We should expect unexpected opportunities and revelations!  There can be great change and creative innovation for everyone in some way.  Work to embrace change. Shifting your perspective can instantly change your life!

The dates of the greatest connection are February 17th-21st.  This manifesting energy potential will be strong from mid-January through mid-March. Be sure to take a look at the houses in your chart where you have Pisces and Taurus to best utilize this transit!

The Sun illuminates our path and direction.  It represents our soul and purpose in this life.  On February 18th, the Sun enters into the dreamy and intuitive sign of Pisces.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is often very connected to the spiritual side of things. It rules the 12th house of dreams and mystical experiences.  This year, Pisces season is set to be one of “the” most magical times of 2022.  Now is the time to start manifesting your dreams into reality.  Looking forward, plan with your dreams in mind.  Ask…What do you want? What are you passionate about that will drive you forward? What fuels your dreams?  You will need to answer these questions so you are prepared at the next new moon to set intentions…know that “if you dream it, it will be!” Dreams do come true, so be careful what you wish for!

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