Libra finds joy in collaboration, harmonizing and balancing energy with others.  The seek to relate and form connections with people in marriage, friendship, on committees, groups, in their families and everywhere else when meeting with people. Libra invented networking…the meet up, the hook up, social clubs and the cocktail hour. They have the uncanny ability to follow synchronicity to connect with others and form meaningful relationships. These are the people who can form a friendship at the bus stop or grocery line and then find themselves meeting up for coffee the next week. When a Libra recommends a friend to you, take their advice because they are experts at putting people together. 

A major focus for Libra is on balance and harmony. They are the mediator, negotiator, referee or the go-between.  They facilitate and build bridges between people or groups. The symbol for Libra is the scales for this very reason.  It also represents the scales of Blind Justice. Impartiality and justice for all is uppermost in importance to Libras in all walks of life.  Libra has a fairness of mind, seeking to employ justice and cooperation in their dealings with people. Their goal is to find a “win-win” solution to the situation. 

 Because Libra’s people skills are so impressive, there is no doubt that their refined nature often puts them in roles that represent others. They assess social norms quickly and generally know how to conduct oneself in order to make the right impression. If a social interaction does hit a snag, they can be counted on to find at least one real solution to the problem, thus bringing everyone back together again. 

 Libra’s will avoid conflict at all costs.  They are the eternal diplomat. They carry a strong preference to relate with grace, manners, finesse and style. Relating to others is their biggest talent.  They have an innate understanding of human relationships and can find something nice to say about almost anyone. They are the beautiful and naturally good-looking people of the world.  They present themselves outwardly for all to see as well dressed, well presented, and having a finger on the pulse of what is in fashion…always coming across as stylish. Virgos have an eye for design and a natural sense of color.  They are the ones that that can turn heads as they walk past. 

Being neat and well-presented is important to this sign. They meticulously coordinate clothing and accessories perfectly. They can also dress a room tastefully. Their creative ability is employed in most of what they do over their day.  They can believe if it’s not the most fashionable stylish outfit, it’s not worth wearing.  That if the people aren’t nice it isn’t worth showing up for. Looking good is more than the clothing to Libra, looking good is also the manner in which they carry themselves and in their interaction with others. They place a huge investment in everything being nice, pretty and esthetically pleasing. To them, anyone they meet, any room they are in, any group they are part of…it must be comfortable and pleasurable. Aesthetics are entwined in every part of their being. They like well presented, tidy, stylish, designer environments. They prefer people who are equally well mannered, well presented and well-spoken without vulgarities. Libra like Taurus, the two Venusian Signs (ruled by the planet Venus) will avoid negative people and situations at all costs.  They will leave if unpleasantries start occurring around them, and they will not invite you back if you cause any tension or negativity at their gathering.

 Libra wants the perfect friend, lover, spouse and lifelong relationship. To them, their partner means everything. The marriage partner is their soul mate and the most important person in their life. They have no greater devotion and will protect their spousal relationship over anything else. They will follow the love of their life anywhere, anytime, anyplace…nothing is more important to them.

For a Libra, honor and commitment of their marriage vows is extremely important.  Connection and partnership is their major life goal. They define themselves through their partner. As an eternal match maker, Libra has little ability to understand why anyone is or would want to be single. Any Libra who is single has most likely been hurt badly by an ex. Know that after being spurned by a lover, they will bounce back into another relationship sooner than others would…and in the meantime, they will continue to socialize in their large network of friends.

 Planetary Ruler: Venus

 Libra is the second sign ruled by Venus.  You might think that Libra is a highly emotional sign because of its rulership by the planet of love.  This is far from the truth.  Libras’ head rule their hearts.  They do not like the feeling of being swept away by love.  Their careers may involve mediation, fighting for what they believe in, and the arts. 


 The symbol is two straight lines with a half circle on the top.  This is a symbol of horizontal bar of the scales…Earth’s horizon with the Sun seen rising or setting in the center. Libra is at a time of the year when daytime and nighttime hours are perfectly aligned.  In the Western Hemisphere Libra marks the coming of fall.  From that point on, nighttime increases as daylight begins to fade. 


The astrological glyph for Venus is represented by a circle over a cross.  The cross is said to represent matter and the circle over it is the soul.  Meaning that the soul has the power to transform matter into beauty.

House Position

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. As an air sign Libra is an intellectual and thinking type of person. The seventh house symbolized your “cosmic plus one.”  It refers to partners, romantic or work relationships, clients as well as other important relationships in your life. Libra is the third cardinal sign of the Zodiac that actively seeks and initiates. Libra is the polar opposite of Aries.

Look to where Libra is in your chart. Notice the planets or aspects within the house.  This is where you can expect your Libra traits to be found.  Libra energy is amazing for so many things…find where yours is and work with it.

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