Mars usually stays in a sign for six weeks.  For this transit, Mars is in Aries for six months!  It began this  journey on June 27th and will continue on this path until the end of this year.  Mars is Aries’ ruler and is at home here.  This placement has explosive energy that brings with it fire.  It will awaken and energize people.  It is here to charge and ignite.  With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we are in a time of Deconstruction (of government) and then rebuilding, Disclosure (what is really going on, the process of uncovering the hidden secrets and misdeeds etc) all so things can be realigned, and the best is Awakening!  Mars in Aries is here to fast track all of this!
On one side, this fire energy brings about feelings that can be expressed as anger, aggression and be impulsive.  We can be quick to the point when speaking to others. On the positive side…It can be expressed as courage, passion and focus!  This energy can be used to strengthen us and find the hero within yourself.  Empower yourself!  Now is the time to create your future.   If you are normally a quiet, shy or reserved person, you may find yourself prompted to “speak your truth.”  What you experience in July, will be setting the tone for what will be the rest of 2020.
Chiron, also called The Wounded Healer is going retrograde on July 11 until 12/12.  Chiron represents all aspects of wellness…physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Chiron was named after a Centaur who could not heal himself of internal wounds.  So Chiron “healing” is meant to be healed over our lifetime.  Where we have wounds buried deep, will come to light at this time.  Pay attention to signs, synchronicities and people!  People who bring out the uncomfortable truth – Aries wants us to face them head on!  Use this time for Self Care and Self Love.  Look to childhood wounds/hurts.  Forgive yourself!
Looking forward…Mercury, the planet of technology, representing our mind and communication is finally out of Retrograde.  Mercury is the messenger.  It shows you how you know what you know.  It is the lens and the shape you give reality.    When in Retrograde, communication can seem to misfire. Now that it is facing forward, we will be using the next two weeks to untangle anything associated with miscommunication or technology experienced during the retrograde period.
We also have a New Moon in Cancer on the 20th.  Cancer is a cardinal sign representing water and emotion.  When the moon is here we can pick up on the energies of others more easily.  It represents our roots and home, taking pleasure in comforts of family.  This is a perfect time to set intentions and plant seeds for new beginnings.  What are you longing for to create?

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