About Me:

Since early childhood, I have been drawn to the world of magic, spirituality, and intuition. Like many of you, the songs of my ancestor’s thrum through my veins. Their voices urged me to action. To devote my life to energy work, teaching and spiritual transformation. It was through my dreams and faith that my life’s direction became clear. The voices became louder as I trusted my new journey. I knew my ancestors would guide me along this sacred path.

I’ve been a teacher for thirty-four years, and have a Master’s degree in counseling. In my time spent as a teacher, I discovered early on that teaching is a form of art. Every person is a canvas. Our canvases are colored with our thoughts, experiences, emotions, and ideas. As a teacher, it has been my privilege to assist in developing and adding the colors to the canvas of each person I have had the opportunity to work with.

There’s no single color of paint that works for every canvas. Just as there is no one teaching style that works for every person. In the time that I have spent as a teacher, I have found that people already know how to paint their own canvas… you just need to give them the right tools. My hope is to offer you “tools” to navigate your own spiritual journey.

I provide Tarot and Astrology Consultations and Workshops, speaking engagements, month ahead Astrology insights and a newsletter. If you are ready to begin your spiritual journey… look for upcoming classes or schedule a  personal consultation.

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