On Saturday, May 29th, 2021 Mercury in Gemini begins its retrograde cycle. Mercury
turns retrograde about three times a year, so we experience this energy more often than
any other planet. During this time it can impact our day to day lives in big ways. Since
the planet of communication and travel is currently in its home sign of Gemini, this will
add extra emphasis on our communication issues and information we get and receive.
We can expect a lot of mixed wires, calls, texts and have difficulty getting the message
across. We can experience unexpected timing delays, and scheduling snafus. I even
experience phone and computer glitches during these periods…since Mercury also
rules technology. Because Mercury is in a square with the planet of illusion (Neptune),
our thoughts can be foggy and add to the confusion. This retrograde period, fact check
all of your own sources to make sure that what you are saying, sending or trying to
convey is accurate and doesn’t get lost in translation. This can be easy time for the
facts and information to get blended, mixed or misunderstood.
We are really going to “feel” or experience events in this transit, and then try to “make
sense” of what happened. Confusion and wanting clarity…You can have an experience
that will leave you confused and make you feel as if life has turned you upside down.
Due to the Lunar Eclipse, these experiences can be so powerful and emotionally felt
that we may need time to untangle the confusion to process it. Mercury retrograde is
here to have you take a hard look at the things that are affecting you in your daily life
and fact check sources (especially your own), then to look inward to what message or
information you are trying to share. This eclipse combined with retrograde is here to
clear out the old to align you back on track. Embrace and flow with ease and grace….

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