This November momentum is building, and we are almost through it. This week is sure to not disappoint with all of the energy packed into it.
On Monday November 9th, Venus, the planet of love and money, will square Mars, the warrior. We look to Venus to see how we approach relationships of the heart and pleasure. Mars is the planet of passion, anger, war and assertion. With this square…we may experience lessons in our life about boundaries with who and what we love and value.
On Tuesday November 10th, Mercury, the planet of communication, words written or spoken, and our thoughts will move into the deep watery sign of Scorpio. Here our communication will be felt on a deep level. Scorpio is an intuitive sign and if you feel something is off, you will dig deep until you figure it out. This can be a time of uncovering hidden motives.
On Thursday November 12th, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, gifts, and expansion will conjunct Pluto, the planet of transformation and power. Both are in the sign of Capricorn at 22*. This will be for the final time. This will be the final push to our transformation process, and this could be in a big, life changing way. Capricorn rules order and restrictions.
On Friday, November 13th, Mars will turn direct. Mars is the planet associated with assertiveness, action and willpower. Mars energy is about getting things done and moving forward… and for the past 6 weeks we have been in a state of pause, and this has left many of us feeling unsettled. Mars retrograde only comes around every couple of years, making it the second-rarest retrograde, and it lasts a little over 2 months. It entered retrograde in late July 2020 and will finally turn direct November 13. Moving forward, it will clear the retroshade the first week of 2021. This Mars period has left us feeling impatient and possibly more accident prone than usual. Mars going direct will mean new ways of doing things and a time to “Move On!”
With all of this energy in Cardinal signs and planets moving direct, we will finally see an end in sight and a path to get there. It will take some time for Mars to get moving, but when it does, it will be full steam ahead!

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