The Journey:

Oracle cards are channeled by the creator. I dream…of symbols, people,
places and things. My dreams include images that explore all realms. I
wanted to share with you, a way to bring intuition into your daily life.
Through timing and synchronicity, I had the amazing opportunity to meet the
talented artist, Emilie Montgomery.
As I shared with her my vision and sentiments, she took them and gave them
a life of their own. I described a story of the how astrology and symbolism,
elements and seasons affect every part of our daily life. How everything is
connected with energy and movement. She used her talent to bring alive the
images that visit me nightly in my dreams, with color and flow, matching my
visions. She worked her magic within the layers of the picture, a story with
color and symbolism. The affirmations on the cards, describe the message
conveyed within the image, with a symbol representing the element of intent.
Every card is unique and represents the areas and seasons of your life with
“Elemental Wisdom.” It is my hope that you connect personally and
spiritually to this oracle deck!


The Elements:

Water: Astrologically the Water Element governs the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The
element of water represents flow. It is the protector of the body. It provides the body with its
most basic nourishment. Water protects against the dissolution of the ether element, the
roughness and motion of the air element and the heat of the fire element Water purifies,
heals, and transforms. It represents the subconscious mind, divine feminine energy, fluidity,
versatility, transformation, emotions, clarity, adaptability, mystery, receptivity, openness,
fertility, healing, psychic abilities, magic and alchemy.

Water comes in many forms such as clouds, liquid, fog, dew, snow and ice and because of its
versatility, water also represents omnipresence.  Water is contained within everything and its
everything and this represents how powerful and adaptable it really is.
Since water represents the subconscious mind, it also represents creativity, and infinite
possibilities.  The water element reminds us to become receptive to change and
transformation in order to adapt to different environments, circumstances and scenarios, and
it helps us to keep evolving.  When you become unperceptive to change, transformation and
energy, you soon become stagnant and limited.  Water goes through cycles of activity and
inactivity. The element of water is reminding us to keep our minds open to change,
transformation, and new possibilities so that we can be more open to learning new things to
keep us evolving spiritually and metaphysically.

Earth: Astrologically the Earth Element governs the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Earth represents order, structure, foundation, stability, fertility, masculine and feminine
energy, nourishment, shelter, grounded, manifestation, prosperity and projection.  Most
people view the earth as feminine energy, but this is just one way  of viewing earth.  Earth
has a masculine side.  The earth is mainly consisted of rocks that are sturdy and solid. This is
a physical representation of masculine energy. Earth’s feminine side displays nurturing, food,
shelter, prosperity, mothering and protection.  Planet Earth feeds and shelters all of its
inhabitants and provides life for all to grow and flourish.  This is a beautiful example of the
earth’s selfless duty to take care of all of its inhabitants.

Fire: Astrologically the Fire Element governs the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire has
been an essential element that affects all forms of life. It is often associated with renewal and
development.  In the spiritual context, fire symbolizes birth, resurrection, hope, purification,
eternity, the color red, death and rebirth/resurrection. It is interesting how flames are
associated with polarized concepts.

This versatility makes fire a quintessential representation
of the spiritual realm. It positions itself within the entire cycle of life.
You can connect fire with the ups and downs of human existence. Understanding the
message behind fire provides you with clarity and enlightenment. Fire is a true
representation of the spiritual world. It encapsulates birth, death, and everything in
between. The message of fire includes eternal hope. If you’re going through some struggle,
you can choose to rise from the ashes or remain a remnant of the past.

Air: Astrologically the Air Element governs the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The
spiritual meaning of air is one of communication and new beginnings. Air is the element that
connects all other elements together…making it essential for life. It is also a reminder that we
are all connected. That everything is connected. Air represents the breath of life . The
spiritual meaning of air is one of communication and new beginnings.

Air is also associated with the wind, which can represent our thoughts and desires. The air
element can help us to let go of our attachments and open up to new possibilities. The
element of air represents thought, wisdom, reason, and intellectual pursuits. Air is
balanced out by the other elements of fire, water, and earth.



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