On January 13th 2021 we will have a New Moon in Capricorn. This is the first lunation of the 2021 year! We have both our sun and moon here and they are conjunct Pluto. New moons always represent, beginning, initiating and starting. Since this new moon is in the serious sign of Capricorn, it is abut starting and growing something that can sustain over the long term. Capricorn wants us to look at the events and directions that have been permanently altered and changed from 2020. For us to now have us take a look at with a deeper understanding and to apply what you want to build next for your future. Capricorn knows that there is no going back to areas that you have grown, healed and moved beyond from. Capricorn represents the mountain or goat and asks…What is your next mountain or challenge? It is time to rebuild with self-love and relationships. Create a vision board and/or your new moon intentions on the theme of long term growth. What has been deeply changed by you? Take the time to see what you need to do next…what are your Dreams? Ideas? It is now time to manifest them!!! Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are all in the sign of Aquarius. Use this energy to help with growth and manifesting your aspirations. Capricorn is associated with material gains. Saturn wants us to follow the rules and not rush. Practice patience and look towards the long term. Jupiter wants to expand the energy. Mercury will offer new awareness and new ideas. Later this month, Mercury will be Retrograde. This will be our first opportunity to review our thoughts and ideas regarding our new intentions that need to be adjusted for expansion to happen. Here is to new beginnings and fresh starts!

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