We start the Month of November off with optimism and positive feelings related to boosting our confidence for the future!  This time will be met with inspiration for everyone with Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury now stationed direct. It will feel like we can look forward to the future with making plans and adapting to the new changes implemented over the past several months.

On November 4th, we have a deep, intense and introspective New Moon in the sign of Scorpio.  New moons are always fresh starts, clean slates and opportunities for new beginnings.  Scorpio being the 8th sign of the zodiac is a fixed water sign.  This means we should expect transformation with birth/death/rebirth themes.  When the moon is in Scorpio, we are not afraid of our dark side, or showing ourself in our unguarded moments.  Scorpio energy asks that we embrace who we are, as we are.  At this time we will “feel” other peoples energy.  The moon represents our emotions.  We will feel connected with people and want to connect with them on a deep, personal level…nothing superficial will do.  This New Moon in Scorpio is about reflecting deeply on our most inner truths and hidden desires.  Focus on these themes for you new moon intentions.

On November 10th, Mercury the planet of technology and travel is conjunct the restless planet of Mars.  This time can have many of us feeling impatient.  You may be driven to over do things like work, not leaving time for what is most important.  This is a good time to slow down and refocus throughout the day.  Since Mars is in the magnetic sign of Scorpio, you may be drawn to mystery, research or esoteric topics.  Over the next day or so, use caution while walking, driving, traveling.  This aspect can be hard, so use care with your words to avoid creating conflict.  Try to avoid unnecessary drama by saving hard conversations for a different time and look to using productive words when exchanging dialogue with others.

On November 12, the Sun that rules our inner purpose is in the deep sign of Scorpio.  Here it is in a trine with the spiritual planet of Neptune in Pisces.  Trines represent areas of ease and grace.  This trine has the power to awaken your inner feelings, emotions and intuition.  This is the perfect time to express from the deepest parts of yourself.  This can be done through music, art, writing or other forms of creative expression.

On November 16th, the Sun, that represents our strength, energy and inner purpose, is now sextile to the transformative planet of Pluto.  Pluto is known for its power and strength.  This time will be met with a refreshing boost to your sense of vitality.

On November 17th, the action oriented planet of Mars opposes the planet of shock and surprise, Uranus in the earthy sign of Taurus.  This will be an intense encounter.  Use caution and resist impulses to act reckless.  Uranus often wants to rebel and Mars is all too happy to oblige…this can lead to needless conflict.  This can also be mental tension and can cloud your judgement…so look to grounding, deep breathing and meditation to avoid drama.

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