Elemental Wisdom

Connect To Your Intuition

My Journey: Dreams to Reality

Oracle cards are channeled by the creator. I dream…of symbols, people, places, and things. My dreams include images that explore all realms. I wanted to share with you, a way to bring intuition into your daily life.

Through timing and synchronicity, I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with a talented artist. As I shared my vision and sentiments, she took them and gave them life.

I described the story of how astrology and symbolism, elements, and seasons affect every part of our daily life. How everything is connected with energy and movement. She used her talent to bring alive the images that visit me nightly in my dreams, with color and flow, matching my visions. She worked her magic within the layers of the picture, a story with color and symbolism.

The affirmations on the cards, describe the message conveyed within the image, with a symbol representing the element of intent. Every card is unique and represents the areas and seasons of your life with “Elemental Wisdom.” It is my hope that you connect personally and spiritually to this oracle deck!

Cost $25. + shipping

To learn and understand the meaning and inspiration of the four elements follow the link to my blog on the Elemental Wisdom Oracle Deck HERE!
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