Astrology for Beginners



By learning to read the birth chart, you can begin to understand the
mind, body, spirit and emotions in one core language – the language of

You can learn about your patterns and tendencies in love, with money or family.
You can use astrology to determine your purpose and direction.
If you want to unlock the secret language of the sky, join my online beginner
Astrology Class.

In this live Astrology class we will explore:
* The 12 Houses and what they represent for each area of your life.
* The 12 astrological signs and their symbols, and meaning
* The planets, what they govern and how they influence our life.
* You will be able to determine which Zodiac signs influence things like your
finances, relationships and career.
* You will begin to understand why you act differently in different situations.
* By the end of the 4 classes, you’ll be able to demonstrate which houses are
dominant in your horoscope and explain how this affects your life.

This beginner Astrology Class is the start of your journey to interpret an
astrology chart. Starting at the very beginning, students learn the planets,
houses and signs in depth, including things like modes and elements. Along the
way, we will look at other charts for practice and comprehension. Course Cost $130