Your Profected Year Webinar!


Unlock the mysteries of your astrological journey with our interactive webinar on Understanding Your Profected Year.

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Understanding Your Profected Year Chart Basics: Webinar
Webinar Details:
Date and Time: July 9th 2024, 7pm est. US
Cost: $30
Format: Instructional and Interactive
Platform: Zoom (Link provided upon registration)
Unlock the mysteries of your astrological journey with our interactive webinar on
Understanding Your Profected Year Chart Basics. This engaging session will delve into the
ancient technique of annual profections, offering you insights into the themes and influences that
will shape your year ahead.
What You Will Learn:

Introduction to Profections:
Understand the concept of annual profections and how they fit into traditional
Learn about the cyclical nature of profections and how they highlight different
houses and areas of life each year.
Calculating Your Profected Year:
Step-by-step guidance on calculating which house is activated in your current
Practical examples to illustrate the calculation process.

Interpreting Profected Houses:
Explore the significance of each house in your chart when activated by profection.
Understand the key themes and life areas emphasized during your profected year.
Planetary Rulers and Their Influence:
Identify the ruling planet of your profected year and its impact on your

Learn how to analyze transits to your profected ruler for deeper insights.
Interactive Chart Analysis:
Participate in live chart examples and exercises.
Engage with other participants to discuss and interpret different profected year

Benefits of Attending:
Personalized Insights: Gain clarity on the focus and challenges of your current year.
Practical Tools: Equip yourself with the knowledge to calculate and interpret your own
profected year chart.
Interactive Learning: Benefit from real-time interaction, questions, and discussions with
the instructor and fellow attendees.

How to Register:
To secure your spot in this enlightening webinar, register now. Once registered, you will
receive a Zoom link and further instructions.
Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of astrological timing and gain
valuable insights into your personal growth and development.

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