On February 17th we will see the first of three intense squares between the planets Saturn and
Uranus! We see this as a divine shake-up, the continuation of 2020’s work, that’s uprooting
outmoded systems and forcing us to build new ones that will sustain us into the rest of this
Aquarian Decade and beyond. Although these squares may create initial chaos, their ultimate
goal is to help us create new pillars and foundations suited to the world’s new rapid state of
evolution. Saturn represents structure and foundation and Uranus is about shock and surprise.
A Square is an aspect that reveals the tensions, obstacles and challenges in your Life that reflect
the planets involved…in this case that is Saturn and Uranus. This is about the “old” foundation
coming down to create a new, stable one. Change cannot all happen at one time, so with each
“square,” will come an opportunity for growth and change. This means more tension between
the old establishments and the new. Expect great changes to come from these events. This will
happen again on June 14, December 24 and also into 2022.

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