Self-care According to Your Horoscope:  Nurturing Your Moon

Today self-care is so important.  Since the pandemic and the social upheaval of events in our world, self-care has taken on a new meaning.  Usually, the term is tied to products or services anywhere from massage to retreats.  In a perfect world, good self-care nourishes our mind, body, spirit and soul. Self-care is not a one size fits all…and is different for each of us based on your moon sign.  For some people, self-care may be going for a run or swim, for others, it’s a cozy weekend buried in books and steeping tea or making food from scratch, for some, it’s mixing and mingling with others and for some, it may simply be saying “no.” Stepping away and learning to appreciate personal space. Learning how tuning into your moon sign self-care practices will give you the needed nourishment that your soul truly desires.

Your Moon…Your Most Personal “Planet”

We can look to astrology to provide clues to better serve our internal needs.  The moon is the fastest moving body in relative motion to the earth. It travels the entire zodiac in 28 days, spending anywhere from 2-3 days in each sign. In astrology, the moon sign reveals our style of need and the nourishment we did and didn’t receive as children.  It represents our deepest feelings and instincts.  It is associated with the internal part of ourselves that cannot be easily described with words.  It represents our spiritual nature and subconscious mind…the unseen things within that dictate our actions. Our natal moon represents our basic needs, and if we do not meet those, we feel depleted. I recommend making it a priority to practice self-care to ensure that you have filled your lunar cup.  This will fill your inner needs to navigate the tides of your feelings. So, let’s look at each Moon Sign for examples.

Moon in Aries Self-Care

  • Your need to express is powerful. You can have a quick temper and need to have a purpose.  You need thrills, action, excitement and a physical outlet. Own it.
  • Being spontaneous, independent, and autonomous are integral to your wellbeing.
  • Running, biking, or spontaneous movement/exercise will keep your routine alive.  This can be sports or even martial arts. Look to activities that involve movement and healthy competition

Moon in Taurus Self-Care

  • Venus rules this sign and Taurus moons tend to channel the sensual side more.  Their soul must be truly anchored in their bodies, so self-care will come in material or physical comfort and pleasures.
  • Spending time in nature is integral for your emotional wellbeing. Massages, comfort food or a skin care routine.
  • Cooking, gardening, and enjoying a meal with friends or family. Honor your need for stability and allow yourself to adapt at your own pace.

Moon in Gemini Self-Care

  • You love to challenge assumptions and question just about everything, so keeping your mind stimulated is vital. Air signs tend to try to “solve” their emotions. This means often intellectualizing their feelings and sidestepping them.
  • It would benefit a Gemini Moon to listen to your favorite podcasts or audiobooks or immersing yourself into a new video game. Anything that will keep your mind stimulated.
  • You can also make plans to catch up with friends to connect and talk about your feelings.  Look for a sounding board. Take time to strike up a good conversation with new acquaintances.

Moon in Cancer Self-Care

  • The moon is at home in its ruling sign of Cancer, meaning you are more comfortable with embracing your feelings. Your soul craves alone time to feel your feelings and to be accepted as you are.
  • Time spent in and near water, the beach, ocean or soaking in a salt bath will truly soothe your soul and detox your body. This can also include cooking, eating and drinking with friends and loved ones. Carving out quality time to connect with them.
  • If an in person gathering is not an option, take time for long and loving phone conversations or video chats.  This connection with your friends and loved ones will always be restorative.

Moon in Leo Self-Care

  • Much like their Leo Sun counterparts, Leo Moons are notoriously attention seeking, except that this drive is expressed through their emotions.  The desire to be seen, to be loved, and to be creative—this is essential to your Leo moon.
  • Take time to dress up, treat yourself to something new, and have fun with your image, try new make-up. Love yourself.
  • Dive into a creative hobby like music or art so you can freely express yourself.

Moon in Virgo Self-Care

  • Virgo Moons are comforted by having structure and control over their surroundings. Your soul must feel that you are appreciated, and a neat, organized and clean environment is key.
  • Organizing and decorating your home will give you great satisfaction. Cleaning out and declutter your area.
  • Take the time to learn new things by reading or listening to self-help books and share your wisdom to help others.

Moon in Libra Self-Care

  • Venus rules the sign of Libra, but it’s the social side the Libra Moons channel, rather than the sensual side like Taurus.  You will have an instinctual need to maintain harmony in their relationships. There must be grace, beauty, and balance for your soul to be satisfied.
  • Take time to create aesthetically pleasing environments in your home, work or artistic projects, enjoying music and fragrance.
  • Explore advocacy work where you can stand up for those in need and look for light social interactions.

Moon in Scorpio Self-Care

  • Waters run very deep with Lunar Scorpios. You often put-up emotional walls because you are very intense and passionate.  You can also be somewhat controlling. There is a depth that you crave in connecting with others.
  • Self-care is in boundaries…be mindful of who, when, and where you let others into your sacred space.
  • You crave intimacy, ritual space, or moments of deeper connection with others.  Look to journaling and meditation to help you achieve emotional equilibrium.

Moon in Sagittarius Self-Care

  • People with a Sagittarius Moon often seek a deeper meaning in the world.  The need for travel and the very essence of freedom is your soul’s desire, and this comes in many forms.
  • Carving out time for long or short distance travel will renew your spirit.  Self-care doesn’t always mean packing your bags and taking off.  You can expand your horizons by reading books, meeting new people or cultivating a spiritual practice.
  • Your thirst for knowledge is eternal, so keep learning and work to ever expand your mind.

Moon in Capricorn Self-Care

  • The Moon isn’t completely comfortable in Capricorn, since it is the opposite sign of Cancer.  This can leave you feeling at odds with your feelings.  Focus on channeling your emotions towards success and achievement.  It’s important for you to feel respected in your community and to know that your contributions are valued.
  • You do so much for everyone else, so self-care is actually prioritizing your personal projects and desires. Staying organized to find a balance of what you do for others and learning to relax and be present in the moment…knowing your worth isn’t tied to productivity.
  • Goals give you great satisfaction, so hiking, a massage facial, or practicing grounding meditations are the perfect solution to help you unwind.

Moon in Aquarius Self-Care

  • The Moon in Aquarius is another Saturn ruled sign.  You have learned at a young age to be emotionally independent, therefore you will need distance to process your emotions. Your emotions tend to run more humanitarian rather than personal…so emotional fulfillment may be connecting with others and sharing ideas. This is vital to your mental health wellbeing.
  • Host a dinner party or meet your tribe our for great conversation and inspiration.
  • Yoga can actually remind you that you have a body, and its key to ground often in the physical practice or to get involved in activist pursuits.

Moon in Pisces Self-Care

  • The Moon in Pisces is the most sensitive and intuitive of the Moon signs.  Pisces can swim comfortably in the “feels” but need to use caution not to drown in them.
  • Because you tend to take on other people’s energy, it is imperative to practice self-care by setting boundaries.  You have a deep desire to transcend this material world, so artistic and spiritual practices will restore you most.
  • Explore photography, art, dancing, or music to revive your spirit.  This is a healthy dose of escapism that will sooth your soul.
  • You can also include a foot massage and soak with essential oils.  This will aide in soothing your body so you can sink into deep relaxation.

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