On Thursday, May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini and the Gemini season officially starts!!!  Happy birthday to all Geminis!!!♊  The Sun represents our ego and life force.  Gemini is the third zodiac sign and characterizes all forms of communication, intellect and learning.  We are shifting from the very solid, earthy sign of Taurus to the airy, rational, witty sign of Gemini.  With this energy, our minds are very active with thoughts, ideas and are ready for communication of all types from talking, texting, email, and phone. We are now excited to seek and explore all kinds of fun and adventures. I am sure that many of you have probably felt that the Gemini season had already started with Mercury, Venus and the North Node already here….but now that the Sun joins, we are going to get the full experience.  Gemini is naturally curious and full of intellectual energy. We will be approaching things with a beginner’s mind…and with this, we may be able to find solutions to old problems.

One of the major highlights of the month is on May 26th: the Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  This eclipse is connected to the South Node…this means that it is a culmination of what we have been creating since the Nodes have shifted into Gemini and Sagittarius.  Let’s break down this event into manageable pieces for a look at the full picture…Full moons are highly emotional and bring out our feelings and emotions to the surface so these culminations and endings can be purged and released completely. Because this is a SuperMoon and Lunar Eclipse, these emotions and endings will be “bursting and  flowing over the top.”  Lunar eclipses bring about 10x the magnitude of energy for completions and endings….so this will be hard and fast with no looking back.   This is meant for the permanent clearing and removal of the old to pave the way for manifestations. This is meant to open up areas for us to be able to refocus and align us on our path.  Life moving forward for many will not be the same.  Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac and represents the big picture, freedom, wisdom and adventure. The time period will bring up the truth in all of us!  Many people will want to share their viewpoints and opinions for all to acknowledge.  A “coming out” of sorts.   At this time, we may see major discussion on how to move forward with travel, our economy and vaccinations.

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