Taurus in the Zodiac

 Taurus is the stable, devoted and steadfast worker of the Zodiac. The one who is planning the practicalities. Taurus is known to be loyal, reliable, hardworking, and a remarkable realist.  They always have an eye on the beauty, design and the aesthetics.  They are strong-willed and determined to achieve what they say they will do.  When they say that something will happen, Taurus will always deliver on a promise.  Taurus has an amazing amount of endurance and pure stamina to fulfill their goals.  They are not quitters, nor will they easily give in or give up.  This is part of their secret for succeeding in all they set out to do.

Taurus is the neatest and most organized sign of the Zodiac…quality and style are not demonstrated in a cluttered mess! Taurus people will always have the best-looking partners, as they have the ability to collect beauty around them in all areas of their life. They prefer the best of everything and often purchase the most expensive items because they want it to last, and they value quality.

Taurus is not impressed with situations where there are disagreements or conflict, and they will generally avoid those difficult situations and people. They are not impressed by vulgarities or coarse language. Taurus prefers to be refined and traditional. They value hard work, stability and respectability.  Taurus can be slower than other signs, but their thoroughness is outstanding. They are solid dependable friends and can resist change. Taurus believe that prosperity and happiness are found in routine and that which can be depended upon. They are often the last to leave and are commended by all for their stamina and tireless effort bringing about the event. Taurus is the turtle, slow and steady, who won the race!

The Bull

 The symbol for Taurus is the Bull. Ancients saw the bull as a highly erotic and sensual creature, one of fertility.  If you look at the symbol upside down, you will see the outline of a womb and fallopian tubes, the very symbol of female procreation.  The bull stands fixed, heels dug in and refuses to move unless and outside force causes him to do so.  The bull moves when the “time is right.”

They model the benefits of taking a slower, more considered approach with an emphasis on being prepared with skills and resources.  Taurus understands that solid foundations take time to build and consistency to maintain. They have faith in the tried-and-true methods that have been proven to work consistently over time. They are skeptical about the feasibility of new methods, unless they were part of the development process. Taurus has a wait and see attitude.


 So much of who Taurus is, is due to their ruler, Venus.  Venus is diplomatic, delicate, reserved and pleasure loving.  She doesn’t need to try too hard, and she waits for others to come to her, and they do….this is where Taurus gets it from. Taurus energy is sensual and tactile. They need to touch things, feel the texture, smell the aroma or have a taste. Taurus seeks experiences that are both physical and tangible. They need to see that it exists – behavior or object.  Like Venus, Taurus possesses to magnetize people with erotic charm.

Fixed Earth Qualities

 Taurus being the second sign of the Zodiac makes it an Earth sign, just like Virgo and Capricorn, and has the ability to see things from a grounded, practical and realistic perspective.  They are imbued with practicality and the need for tangible circumstances. Taurus has a feminine or negative polarity, as well as a fixed modality quality.  It is the first fixed sign of the zodiac…they slowly but surely works toward their goals. Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus and is the polar opposite of Scorpio. Taurus is resilient, productive, cautious and thorough. They are often the solid rock in the group; they are reliable, dependable and grounded just like the Earth.

Taurus desire to “Stick to their guns”, and not easily convinced to change their opinion or their life’s pathThis type of energy is good for setting goals, but not so good if you are clinging to outmoded ideas, refusing to listen to arguments that you consider changing your point of view.  Taurus often see no reason to change for the sake of change, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” is a motto often associated with Taurus.  They find predictability comforting.  Enjoying a steady routine is similar to the cycles of the seasons (an earth trait).

Look to where Taurus is in your chart. Notice the planets or aspects within the house.  This is where you can expect your Taurus traits to be found.  Taurus energy is amazing for so many things…find where yours is and work with it.

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