October 10th

On October 10th, Saturn, the planet that requires discipline, structure, and rules …stations direct.  During Saturn’s retrograde motion, we were required to go back and review any and all boundaries.  We had to look at what we believed to see where we needed change and to now create new boundaries that are healthy and sustainable.    Saturn is the planet that represents traditions and major themes that are part of our everyday lives.  Saturn represents maturity, responsibility, and stewardship.  Saturn wants to help us to become the highest, most mature version of ourselves when challenged.  Now that Saturn is moving forward, we focus on tapping into our mental, physical and emotional health.  Ask yourself…Where have your boundaries been challenged?  What changes have you made to create new boundaries for your mental, physical and spiritual well-being? And…moving forward… how will you maintain your boundaries and keep a balance to stay healthy in all areas of our daily lives.  Keeping in focus is to honor yourself.

We now have two slow-moving, heavy planets moving direct within days of each other, so this will be a significant week for major change.  Pluto, find your passion and eliminate unhealthy obsession, and Saturn, focus on what is essential that will get you to what you are meant to do in this lifetime.  This is a beautiful time that will help realign each of us on our true path for our highest good for the future.

October 18th

On October 18th, Mercury, the planet of technology and communication, stations direct.  Communication that you have been waiting for (email, text, contracts, etc) finally comes through this week.  We will start to untangle the confusion that will have each of us moving forward to more clarity.    Also at this time, Mercury will be opposite Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer.  Expect that our communication focus may be on healing or trauma.  Use caution and choose how you communicate carefully…words can hurt.

October 23rd

On October the 23rd, the Sun that represents our self and ego, moves into the deep and watery sign of Scorpio.  Happy Birthday all Scorpios!!!  Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and represents passion and power.  Because it is such a deep water sign, it gets its strength and power from the psychic and emotional realm.  We can use this time to honor all that which no longer serves us and have the ability to regenerate what we need from what appears to be nothing.  We will have strong intuition and our dreams may reveal messages from the unconscious.  A beautiful time for asking for clarity from Spirit or your Higher Power.

October 30th

On October 30th,  the headstrong planet of Mars enters the transformative sign of Scorpio… in its own sign.  Mars wants to cut and remove, so use this time to eliminate what no longer serves you…clean out any unwanted or unused things you have around. This is an opportunity to remove unnecessary distractions.  A time to purge and cleanse.

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