The Final Act!!!Tuesday, September 29th, will be the “Final Act” with Saturn’s transit
in Capricorn. This may be a difficult transition with people having
Aries and Capricorn in prominent placements in their chart.
Capricorn represents karma, institution and big business with
authority, and politics from the top down. This is a heavy, serious
energy and can be restrictive. I think of the Mars square energy as,
the fighter with their back against the wall. You have been through
the worst. Now, you realize what your strengths are and how to
proceed to get out of any situation. You may need to pull upon these
reserves to put in perspective the events that will follow October
through the beginning of December. The good news is, this chapter
in history will be coming to an end. All of these events are happening
to move through change. To push us out of our comfort zone and
experience growth. Some may experience this in a mild way and
others…their lives may change drastically.
On October 1st we have our first lunation of a Full Moon in Aries. A
Full Moon is always a time of culmination and the promise of
fulfillment of seeds planted at the New Moon six month prior. It is an
emotional time that is usually about setting intentions and planting
seeds for the future. Think of this full moon in Aries as an extra dose
of Mars energy. Wherever Mars is in your chart, you may experience
extra“heat!” Our Sun is in the sign of Libra and mixed with this Full
Moon, it wants us to strike a balance between meeting our personal
needs and attending to the needs of others. At this time, I would
focus on “planting seeds” of self-preservation, protection and healing.
On September 23rd Mercury, the planet of technology and
communication began its shadow phase. Between now and October13
th, note where in your life you experience hiccups in these areas.
On the 13th, Mercury will begin its travel backwards. What was once a
hiccup is now a problem. This can be in mail, email, phone, text,
computer, tv…all types of communication can be affected. When
Mercury does go direct in November, we will begin the post shadow
phase of untangling and moving forward with new knowledge. What
was not perfect and needed reform will now be transformed.

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