The time is here! The event that we have been waiting for all year long! This is the start of the climax event that will shift all energy for the future into Air! December 14th, 2020 is one of the BIG astrological events of the year, and perhaps of the decade if we consider the astrological climate of the month. We will have a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse at 23* Sagittarius. Mercury (the planet of communication) is also conjunct the eclipse. So, what this means is that one piece of news/information will come out (because the eclipse will expose) and will “seal the deal”. This is a South Node eclipse, so it will bring an outcome to existing, unfolding events. The South Node represents our Karmic Journey, where we come from. It is what we are already comfortable and familiar with. You are letting go of outdated views, reactions and feelings. Yet, this is a Solar Eclipse, so it will enlighten us with something new. Our actions have consequences and South Node eclipses always come with some sort of resolutions.

Next up, on December 15th, 2020, Venus (the planet of love, values and refinement) will also enter Sagittarius. After some serious soul-digging and introspection in the sign of Scorpio, in Sagittarius, Venus is now ready to reveal what she has discovered. Venus in Sagittarius is honest with her feelings and will only do what is morally right. On the same day, Chiron (The Wounded Healer), goes direct. This forms a beautiful Trine from Venus. If we have done the work, we will now be ready for healing. The truth will not only set us free, but will bring closure and healing. Embrace this energy!

Then, on December 17th, Saturn (the planet of rules, responsibility and karma) finally enters Aquarius to stay until March of 2023. It did briefly dip into Aquarius earlier this year, and that gave us a hint of what was to come. This is when the lockdown measures around the world started, which ‘forced’ us to find new ways to communicate to stay in touch. Many people, schools and businesses have quickly moved online, and the rules of communication have been forever re-written. Now to start, Saturn in Aquarius can have a restrictive effect in the beginning (Saturn is the planet of restrictions and rules), however, since Aquarius is an Air sign of freedom, Saturn in Aquarius will give us the determination to break through existing structures to find new, more sustainable ways to live. If we look back in time, every time we had Saturn in Aquarius we had important freedom and civil rights movements that forever changed the
way our society operates. I believe that this year will be another period in history that we will look back upon as a time that changed how we communicated for years to come. I’m saving the last three transits of December 19th, 20th and 21st for next week. There is so much going on right now, that we need to take it day by day.

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