Our Sun, which represents our identity, just moved into the mutable, practical, earth sign of Virgo. For many of us this will mean getting organized, making lists and paying attention to detail to get things accomplished. We may feel a sense of urgency to finish what was not completed in August. This will be a time of using intellect and resourcefulness to problem solve. This energy will last until September 22nd.
We will have a full moon in Pisces on September 2nd. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. It is a water sign that represents our dreams, idealism, inspiration and connection to the Divine. It can also be seen as deception, disappointment and confusion. Full moons illuminate what was hidden and bring about completion and closure. This moon is about revealing secrets and having the “truth” come out. This has been a part of the bigger plan with the collapse of old order and the future construction of new. This time will be about clearing away energies as a new story begins.
Mars is currently in its home sign of Aries. This represents our individual power and freedom. Things are beginning to heat up. Aries does not like to follow others. It wants to be independent and have freedom to do as it chooses. Mars will square Capricorn, which governs law, order and regulation. This will feel like conflict because many of us may feel that the freedom of the individual is being controlled by the government. I sometimes think of Mars energy as an impulsive child. We will need to turn the impulse energy inward for power of courage, strength, and self-inner power.
Mars usually is in a sign for six weeks. This transit of Mars will be for six months. Mythologically, Mars is known as the God of War. Mars is in the planet of energy, action and sexual desire. Mars is how we express our anger, drive and self-assertion, representing our first instinct to act. This is a really long time to manifest and ignite fire energy. On September 9th, Mars will appear to be moving backwards. In astrology this is referred to as retrograde. This will last until November 12th. This time may feel unsettling or we may feel frustrated by the lack of forward movement. At the end of this transit, we will see our path with a fresh set of eyes, discovering new ways to merge motivation and meaning.

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