This is going to be an amazing week full of shock and surprise energy! We have the Sun in Scorpio. This is a very deep, sensitive water sign that wants to get to the bottom of things. This is about uncovering the truth and using our intuition. Nothing surface will do. Now will be a time of diving deep and being authentic and being true to who we are and what we are becoming. On October 27th, 2020, Venus will enter one of her favorite signs, Libra. She is at home her and when Venus is happy, everyone is happy. Venus rules love and money. Venus rules our sentiment, what we love and value and the pleasure we take in life. Through Venus, we learn about makes us happy and sensually pleases us. On October the 28th, Mercury, that is currently still retrograde, will re-enter the sign of Libra. Mercury is the planet concerned with communication, intelligence and knowledge. While retrograde, we are rethinking and reviewing things from our past. What this combination means is that we may reconnect with people, reflect on our partners and be willing to look for compromise and balance. On October the 31st, we will experience an incredible event of not just a Full Moon, but a Blue Moon in the sign of Taurus. A blue moon is when we experience two full moons in one month. The moon represents our feelings and emotions. A full moon brings a moment of truth where things hidden are revealed. This full moon in Taurus is about the physical experience of all our senses. This moon will be conjunct Uranus, the planet of shock and surprise. So, expect a time of reconnecting and it will be a surprise that will end with a BANG! Expect the Unexpected!!! When we wrap up all of this week’s energy, we have a week of shock and surprise with connecting or reconnecting with people from our past that we love. The sun in Scorpio will uncover truths about what is changing. You may ask yourself, what are you uncovering in your life? Where does the truth lie? Where am I willing to compromise to find balance? The moon will illuminate new truths, and when they are uncovered it will be a time to evolve and grow. Use this experience of hope, wisdom, love and beauty to be authentic. This energy is playing us for everyone in some compacity of your life…take this time to discover… What does Love to mean for You.

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