Venus and Your Love Language

In Astrology, people are now learning about and understanding the”Big 3″…your Sun, Moon, and Rising (or Ascendant) signs. This is good a place to start, but there are three other “personal planets,” which help shape your personality that are undervalued. One of those planets is Venus.

We look to Venus to understand your “Love Language”.  How you show love and what you want or need in return from others.  How you communicate in love, either by words, touch, acts of service or giving/receiving of time and gifts.

Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky, the Moon being the brightest. It is associated with the principles of harmony, refinement, affections, love, and the urge to sympathize and unite with others. Venus has duel rulership over Libra and Taurus.  As a result, Venus represents two main areas of our life…love and money.

We look to Venus to see how we approach relationships that deal security and pleasure. Venus is the planet of love, romance, money, beauty, things you value, art and pleasure. Your natal Venus speaks to the way you express your desires, your passions, what you value, and how you relate to and experience happiness. Your Venus placement influences how you socialize, relate to, and attract others in your life.

It is through our Venus placement that we learn about our tastes and pleasures.  It shows us how we spend money. They kinds of gifts we buy for ourself and others.  It reveals the activities we seek out for fun and enjoyment and what makes us happy.

Venus flirts through every sign of the zodiac in a year’s time, changing signs about every 20-30 days or so, and is probably more influential on our love life than any other astrological transit. Venus’s sign at the time in which we were born will point to how we seek out fun, pleasure, and joy in our own lives. It shows us how to spark our hearts with things that we love.

In astrology, we look to this planet to find out how we can find inspiration, excitement, and lean into activities that we find fulfilling. So, it’s kind of an important detail of your birth chart to know!

For a more complete understanding, we also take into account the ruler of the 2nd and 7th houses, since Venus rules Taurus and Libra.  We combine this information by adding another layer of whether the placements are in a feminine sign, which is more receptive, or masculine sign, which is more demonstrative.  For a thorough understanding, we combine all of these details together.

Venus in Aries

The ram loves to have playful banter with those around them.  They are full of childlike energy that can be seen as bold, direct and up-front. They express themselves by their independent, “me first” attitude.  They need to be with someone who is comfortable with their innocent charm and childlike frame of mind. When it comes to relationships, they love the chase.  They are flirty and spontaneous.  They are direct, blunt and demonstrative with their love.  They tell you and express their passion and excitement.  They need newness and to be constantly changing of their relationship experience to keep things fresh.  They love to be active and desire fire and passion.  Venus in Aries like when others are up-front and direct with them also. They appreciate when people are straight forward with them.  They want to be a leader in romantic situations and their behavior may likely be seen as impulsive and daring.

Venus in Taurus

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which makes them naturally find joy in earthy sensations. Being an earth sign allows them to use their senses and the natural world around them as inspiration. Venus in Taurus find pleasure when creating, drawing, painting, or building items that show off their talents. They love to make decadent and indulgent meals that they can eat and share with family and friends. Taurus in Venus people will express their love and affection through all of their senses…taste, touch, smell and what is visually appealing.  Touch and feel are very important to Venus in Taurus.  They love to give and receive hugs, kisses and cuddling.  They love to snuggle and curl up with the one they love.  They are very sensual and will show love through intimate touch.  They require comfort and security.  Venus in Taurus need to feel that the relationship is safe, secure and for things to be stable.  They give and receive gifts that are meant for comfort, like good food, warm and fuzzy blankets, delicious desserts and fine wine.  The enjoy the act of cooking good food with others. They have the desire of sharing the experience of taste and smell of comfort foods.  They love through their stomach.  They appreciate beauty and art and will want to give and receive beautiful objects as gifts.  Venus in Taurus want to show love through demonstrative means with hugs, nature, gifts and food.

Venus in Gemini

Gemini is a social planet in astrology.  For Venus in Gemini…it is important to note that Gemini’s influence on this planet consumes itself with activities that discuss matters and relationships. They crave lighthearted banter and communication where they can share their ideas and hear the thoughts of others also.  This combination of love in a social sign pairs flirty and playful banter with between them and others.  They will be smitten with the opportunity to engage and connect with you though witty and intelligent conversation.  They are curious and want to be mentally stimulated.  They will delight in joining you with playing games, the opportunity to read and talk about books, be up on the latest technology and then to share this information in conversation with others. They show love through flirting and want their partner to engage with them in the same way. They require mental stimulation and are attracted to people for their minds and personalities.

Venus in Cancer

People with Venus in Cancer are known to find pleasure in simple activities with those that they care about. To them, it is more about who you are spending time with than what you are doing. Venus in Cancer want to create memories…for example, going out for ice cream with their family, sitting around a fire engaging in conversation (with no technology), and luxuriating on the beach with their significant others. As long as they are surrounded by people who love them and who they love, they will have a beautiful time and feel happy and content. For Venus in Cancer, joy is about being in the presence of emotional warmth.  They need to feel safe and secure.  They create this for themselves by building their relationships on trust, loyalty and protection.  They are natural nurturers, and they show their love by supporting and caring for others.  They do this by feeding others and baking comfort food.  The food does not center around taste and sensation like Venus in Taurus, but about the support and care of others when they are sick or to create an emotional support connection with them.  They want to show you that they can be counted on to care for you and want you to do the same for them.  They want to always keep their loved ones close.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo adores giving and receiving gifts from those that they care about. They can be over the top and showy.  They love grand romantic gestures.  They like to show off the ones they love and they want this in return.  Leo governs the heart.  This makes them very passionate and playful.  They love big expressions of romance. The dinner, the drinks, the flowers…everything to win you over. The Venus in Leo placement plans out well in advance for all holiday gift-giving.  They are the ones that will prepare months before the celebration and any important events so it will be flawless.   They always keep in mind the perfect present to give someone in their social circle or for their partner. They are over the top in romance and in their actions to show and prove that they are passionate, generous, loyal, genuine and authentic.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo are reserved and loyal.  They may not show a lot of emotion outwardly but are sensitive to what others think.  Venus in Virgo people love to problem solve and to be of service. They will do practical things for you to help make your daily life easier.  For example, doing the dishes, your laundry, and organizing your workspace or area. They will plant flowers, tend to a garden, and make repairs where needed.  They show up to support you in practical ways. This is how they show that they love and care for you…by helping you.   And in return, this placement is wooed by “your” thoughtful acts of service for them.  Your small and subtle gestures will let them know that you care and are supporting them.  They show their love by showing up in service to help.  They can sometimes be critical, and this can be viewed as hurtful or mean.  They see themselves pointing out flaws as an opportunity for your growth.  This “assistance” from them is their wanting to help you, so you can be the “best you”.

Venus in Libra

In addition to Taurus, Venus also governs Libra, so Venus is extremely comfortable working with Libra energy.  However, while Taurus Venus is all about physical sensuality, Libra Venus is much more cerebral (Libra is an air sign).  For Venus in Libra, relationships are a two-way street. They get what they give. To them, partnerships require mutual support and care. Therefore, it is safe to say that this Venusian placement finds fulfillment in love, as they rarely like to walk through life without someone standing by their side. Venus in Libra wants to share their world with another and to create a long-standing relationship that lasts through the tests of time. This is what they need to find joy. Without someone else, they won’t be able to take on anything, because they find their way through relationships and love. They strive to be very balanced and are receptive.  They want to provide harmony and are a romantic to their core. They demonstrate what they love, in that they watch you to see what you love and provide that to you…and then they want to you do the same in return.   If you like to go to the movies, they will go with you and for you, then they will expect you to do something they like for them. They pay attention to your interests and then will show you their likes and desires. They do not tell you directly what you want.  They will demonstrate what they like.  They are the opposite of Venus in Aries.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio is a lover of games and mysteries. Because Scorpio is such a deep-water sign, they rely on their gut sentiments and feelings to help them navigate relationships, career, and everything else in their life. They need intimacy that illuminates from the inside.  They can be obsessed with partners and feel intense passion for them.  They try to remain mysterious and can be jealous.  They may want their partner to mirror that energy back by showing a deep desire for them or showing or being somewhat possessive of them, with time or just in general.  This type of passion shows them that you love them and desire them.  Venus in Scorpio must trust their feelings more than anything else in the world, which is why they excel at the nuances of finding out information that is brewing beneath the surface. Venus in Scorpio crave deep intentional and emotional connections.  They want to know you inside and out.  When a Venus in Scorpio is in love, they are extremely loyal and committed and will expect the same in return.  They may experience a difficult time when leaving a relationship.  To them, they are in or not.  Hot or cold. There is nothing in-between.  They have very strong opinions and need a sexual connection to feel connected to others.  They will want to be in control. This is where things can be more difficult because they can be obsessive and possessive.

Venus in Sagittarius 

Being the globetrotter of the zodiac, Venus in Sagittarius loves exploring new places and meeting friends in their travels. Sagittarius is associated with spirituality, foreign travel, discovery and philosophy. It sees the big picture. The free-spirited archer enjoys adventure and excitement. They see the world as theirs to explore and connect with.  They want freedom and to experience the world with their partner.  They are lighthearted and want to share in deep spiritual conversation with others about God, spirituality and the universe etc.  They enjoy talking about world topics.  They look for a partner that can learn and grow with them.  They love all types of exotic experiences that include food, people and places.  Venus in Sagittarius have a love of adventure and will need space.  They will not want to be tied down. Venus in Sag will want to experience fun with you through the experience of travel.

Venus in Capricorn 

Capricorn is the “responsible” sign in the zodiac representing the boss or father figure.  They want to focus on commitment, longevity and the material value of relationships.  They value consistency above all else. Venus in Capricorn likes to reflect on the past in an effort to understand how to move forward. They want to build a lifestyle they desire with a partner by their side. When Venus is in Capricorn, the energy is expressed as a creative pursuit that radiates through their spirit.  They will save mementos and memorabilia from the past, making scrapbooks, creating or building something you can use (shelves, tables, garden). They will show they care for you by being practical and pragmatic.  They will take care of tasks or bills.  They show love through service in a way that highlights their ability to be responsible. They want to do things for you by showing in a masculine way how they can care for you.

Venus in Aquarius 

Aquarius energy is progressive, eclectic and aloof.  Venus in Aquarius likes to bring people together through humanitarian projects. They will enjoy giving their time freely to a charity or organization that aligns with their beliefs.  This will allow them to feel as though they are helping the world. They want friendly, close friendships.  Plutonic connections to their peers.  They need intellectual freedom and want to have intense, intellectual conversations with others.  They want to feel understood and to be acknowledged for their thoughts, ideas and intellect.  They need a lot of space…mentally and emotionally.  They do not want to be involved in a codependent relationship where others need to rely on them.  They need freedom and space.  They are comfortable with quick beginnings and endings with others always gravitating toward eccentric, free spirited and rebellious individuals.  Venus in Aquarius can bring evolution by bringing knowledge to the masses. Joining them in spreading the word about social justice will make them happy.

Venus in Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and represents the mystical, spiritual and ethereal.  Venus in Pisces is in its favorite placement here because this mutable water sign is tender, romantic, and fluid. Venus in Pisces is able to function at its highest vibration and connect to others on a deep and loving soul level.  They want to form a spiritual connection that they can understand and feel on every level…for two to become one.  They enjoy playing and making music, dancing to sentimental music and singing to their favorite songs.  They are emotionally expressive and able to transcend feelings into harmonic rhythms. They can be prone to deception and will see what they want to see, not always “what is true”. They can have an idealized version of the relationship.  They show love by forming deep bonds with compassion and empathy and will sacrifice themselves for their partner.

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