Virgo is the Sixth Sign of the Zodiac. As an Earth sign, Virgo is practical and wants to see and touch everything. They find joy in being organized, productive and discerning.  Virgos have a knack for sorting, grading and classifying.  They are highly task oriented and take comfort in routine and necessary details to everyday life.  They possess skills in practical organization with a focus on the details. Their critical thinking and evaluation skills make them an asset to any organization, committee or group. Analysis is their forte.  A Virgo can find the smallest of clues and have an innate ability to correlate data.  As an earth sign, Virgo will be motivated to find practical applications for knowledge they gained or unearthed.   

Virgo can be extremely adept when dealing with the finer intricacies of just about anything information based. They generally have a very tidy mind which can file information.  Virgo requires order; this is not necessarily in their environment, but it is true of the structures that support their lifestyle and their thinking process. They rely upon routine, a place for everything, the timing required to be successful, the order of events, the support required to act, helping others and schedules in general.

 The concept of the “apprenticeship” is very close to Virgo, as it speaks of being prepared down to the last detail. To do the work required in the correct stages so as to affect the practicalities of any action or purpose. Virgo understands this intimately and will even drives themselves to exhaustion.  This leads to feelings anxiety and stress over lack of control. Virgos will continually need to overcome the broken record that drives them… the internal voice of perfection. Every little action leads to the completion of the whole task. Virgo’s lessons lay in “seeing the whole” rather being stuck in all the minute details. This ultimately stalls the completion of the apprenticeship and hinders the steps to practitioner. When a Virgo stops expecting perfection from themselves and of others, they will successfully progress from one whole to another with precision and perfection. In turn they will experience less stress anxiety.

Virgo is concerned with healthy eating and nutrition and therefore understands on a deeper level that as the earth nourishes the plants, the plants nourish the body. It was most likely a Virgo who invented health food, healthy eating, importance of nutrition and meal planning. These routines that are associated to meals and meal prep also governed by Virgo’s sign of service.

Virgo will demonstrate their affection and loyalty as a humble servant.  They will want to see that what you say is true by your actions. If you say that you are going to do something, Do It! Expect Virgo to either nag you or never bring up again. Virgos are not content with lofty statements with no serious demonstration of what is being said. They can tear an argument to pieces with the details with an exacting memory.  They possess a very good command of language. If you take them on, you will need to be articulate and have a good memory! They will recall and bring up every detail to hash through. They are reliable, driven and punctual and will expect the same in return.

Mutable Energy

 As the second mutable sign of the Zodiac, Virgo goes with the flow. This makes a master at communication of all types.  Communication and information are attributes they rely upon.  Whether it is writing, speaking, or reading, Virgos possess an impressive analytical ability to take in information and process it.  Virgo’s keen talent for organization and critical discrimination is exceptional whether they are dealing with purely conceptual ideas or more tangible physical properties.

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Virgo is the second sign ruled by Mercury…the planet of thinking, thoughts and ideas.  This gives Virgo a strong love of intellectual activities.  I think of students headed back to school in the fall.  A time to go indoors and get serious about learning.  Mercury is the planet of intellect and rational thinking.  The planet that is always searching out the truth.  This makes the energy more objective and unemotional in a “matter of fact” way with gathering and sharing information. 


The glyph of Virgo is similar to that of Scorpio, so much so that they are often mixed up.  Virgo’s symbol turns inward, denoting reflection and the inward development of the self…while the Scorpio symbol turns outward, suggesting a more intrusive need to influence the world.

 House Position

Virgo represents the sixth house of the zodiac that’s focus is health, rhythm of the day, diet, spiritual practices, pets and most important is communityVirgo is the polar opposite of Pisces which rules the twelfth house. Since Virgo rules the 6th house, they are content in their service to others. To serve community is to serve themselves. They can derive a great deal of satisfaction in the helping and giving to others. To aide and assist others in their network…is to help themselves. They show their love for others by what they do for them.  This love can come in the form anywhere from them preparing and cooking a meal, sorting out a schedule, planning for contingencies, tidying up after you or sorting and arranging your workstation.

Look to where Virgo is in your chart. Notice the planets or aspects within the house.  This is where you can expect your Virgo traits to be found.  Virgo energy is amazing for so many things…find where yours is and work with it.

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