Welcome December

We begin the month off with a lot of Sagittarius energy. Sagittarius is the explorer, the adventurer, the renegade. This is about harnessing the energy to find adventure in your daily life. Get out, let yourself be seen, seek out new information with a course, or class or mentor, become a teacher or explore, now is the time to seek new wisdom and insight. Publish your work, sag sees the bigger picture and wants to connect to others on a grand scale, seek freedom. Look for a new path for future prosperity. Real success and not quick profits.

On December 1st , Venus enters into an opposition with the fire planet of mars that is currently retrograde. Venus is a feminine sign that rules love, money, values, finances and your material possessions. Mars is masculine and rules passion, drive, sexuality and the desires that light you up inside. Since mars is retrograde at this time, this opposition can be seen as a powerful and magnetic aspect.  These two energies are complementary, and the attraction can be strong, yet they want different things. The purpose of this transit will be to align and balance our needs with the needs of others.

December 6th, Mercury, the planet that rules our mind and communication moves into the very stable sign of Capricorn. Mercury in an earth sign means you will appreciate order and arrangement. You will now have the patience to stick with one subject or topic and become proficient or an authority with it. You will be resourceful and discriminating. Your mind and thoughts will be really organized and focused on the practical.

December 7th we have a full moon in Gemini.  This full moon will have our minds spinning, full of thoughts, ideas and spontaneity. It is impulsive and we may be easily distracted. Gemini is all about communication and intellect, so this full moon can bring emotional clarity. You might find it easier to say what is on your mind or express your emotions through verbal or written communication. The desire to have open communication will be easier at this time…on the flip side…you may find that you are over sharing or over thinking things 😉.

December 9th, Venus enters the sign of Capricorn. Venus represents our possessions, values, money and property. Capricorn is stable and reliable; therefore, Venus in Capricorn will result in your relationships that are built on shared goals and a willingness to get through even the most troubling times. Venus in Capricorn wants to reward hard work in relationships, helping to make commitments and solve problems. This time will represent commitment, longevity and consistency.

December 20th Jupiter enters Aries. To hear more about Jupiter in Aries, CLICK HERE!. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and wants to initiate and Jupiter wants to make “Big changes.”  This is a positive time to attract happiness.  While in Aries, Jupiter will energize you to move forward boldly, enjoying competition and spiritual growth. You will be bold, daring and take the necessary risks for growth. This is a time of emergence and growth.

December 21st the Sun moves into Capricorn. The Sun in Capricorn brings practical and new energies which are positive. Key words for this transit are organization, completion, fun and hard work. Capricorn energy feels a desire, or need, to want to provide for family and prosperity. At this time, you may want to take care of your needs, but also the needs of others. For More on Capricorn CLICK HERE!

December 23rd we have a New Moon in Capricorn. I love this New Moon!  New moons are times of fresh starts and clean slates. Our calendar new year begins with the Sun in Capricorn, so this Capricorn New Moon is like the beginning of a brand-new personal year.  We think of it this way because it’s a time when we set our intentions for what we want in the year ahead for 2023. Capricorn wants to create the foundation of everything you do, say, think and attract. As you feel the emotions that guide your life’s purpose.  The New Moon in Capricorn can help hold space for these feelings, nourish them and help you to build them.

December 29th the universe hits us with one last Mercury retrograde. It will be here until January 18th, 2023. Currently there are four planets: the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto all in Capricorn.  This is the best time to embrace a slower pace of life and take time to review and reflect. With all this planetary action, look inward to answer any of your important life questions. For more on Mercury Retrograde CLICK HERE!


For more on your December forecast click below!
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