Optimism, Growth, Revelations, Delays, Communication and Comfort!

Jan 1st is not going to feel like the first of the year… it may feel like you have several New
Year resolutions, plans and expectations that you want to move forward with…and there
may be a little bit of a delay. It will happen…but more towards January 12th when Mars
stations direct.
We ended 2022 with Jupiter stationing back into Aries. So we are beginning 2023 with what
may feel like a big like push forward with all things Jupiter. Jupiter represents your beliefs,
optimism and growth…and it’s in the first zodiac sign of Aries. This can be seen and felt as…
you can do it, you can achieve it, you just have to be focused and driven to move forward.
Now this is possibly where the problem is, because mars is retrograde on the first of the year.
Mars is the planet of what you are passionate about, your action and drive. Things like your
ambition….but it’s retrograde. It’s moving backwards…having you redo of some of your

On January 6th, we have a Full Moon in the nurturing sign of Cancer. Because full moons
illuminate the hidden, expect your emotions to run high. You may want to stay within your
comfort zone for now. Focus on improving matters at home or with family to make you feel
more comfortable and safer.

On January 12th, Mars stations direct in Gemini. Mars has been in Gemini for months…
August, September, October, November, and December of 2022. Mars in Gemini is all about
doing two things, trying to change how you do things, learning new things, arguing, debates
through words and information. Now as Mars stations direct, you now have all the new
information. You have gone back and relearned something. Now it’s time for you integrate
this new information that you have discovered or a change in your direction based off of a
change in your thoughts, ideas and mind. With mars moving forward in Gemini this will feel
like a much more ambitious start of the year. Mars retrograde coming to an end helps to
calm everyone’s tempers and frustrations. If you have been stalled or extra irritated in the
past several months, you can start to move forward and understand what was causing the
problems in the first place. At this time, You will feel like you have taken a really deep breath
and can now enjoy a sigh of relief.

On January 18th, Mercury, controlling our travel and communication stations direct. Mercury is
all about your thoughts, ideas, mind, so now you will feel that you have the right plan to
move forward. You can start to feel like things are moving more freely. All types of work,
business planning, and achieving things, will open up for you and begin to move forward.
Resolutions that may have been on hold as the New Year began will now begin to move

On January 20th, the Sun, representing our purpose and drive, enters into the very innovative
sign of Aquarius. For you this means independence, individuality and nonconformity is strong
over the next few weeks during this season. Feel free to push yourself outside of your
comfort zone. This can also bring in new people into your life, renew hope for the future and
allow you to dream.

On January 21st, there is a New Moon in Aquarius. This is a great time to focus on your dreams
for your future. Get excited, make use of enthusiasm and pursue opportunities to make your
dreams come true. Be sure to set your intentions for what you wish or dream for in the

On January 22nd, Uranus, also known as “The Great Awakener”, stations direct in Taurus.
Uranus’s retrograde coming to an end means changes that you have been thinking about and
have been put on hold or stalled for one reason or another can now get a boost of energy.
You will feel charged from the inside with purpose and hope. Take steps to make the changes
you want to happen come to fruition in healthy and positive ways.

On January 26th, Venus, the planet of love and romance, enters the very sensitive sign of
Pisces. Love becomes softer and sweeter with Venus in this very watery sign. At this time,
you can feel dreamier and more romantic. You can be there for those you love no matter what.
You can be inspired by the love you feel for others.

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